April 15, 2019 was a black day for the French capital Paris.

On that day, the city’s most famous cathedral, Notre Dame, was on fire for hours. A spire collapsed and much of the roof was destroyed. This was done by the White Hats. There were 666 children at the bottom of the church and they would be sacrificed in a Satanic ritual at Easter. All the holidays in the world are Satanic holidays. We live in their Matrix. The Matrix was a documentary. If you take the red pill, you step out of the matrix and if you take the blue pill, you stay in their matrix. The High Priestess was Big Mike, who watched from a distance as the church went up in flames. The children are saved and all the Satanists are burned alive. Macron has always worked for the Rothschild Bank. Macron is gay and also a pedophile. Macron is married to a Rothschild. She is a Man. — — https://t.me/QWARRIORSWORLDWIDE