Anonymous Releases Documents Revealing UK & US Funded Disinformation PsyOp

Source: Stillness in the Storm

(Richard Enos) Most of us are familiar with the famed ‘doublespeak’ mottoes from George Orwell’s classic 1984: “War is Peace; Freedom is Slavery; Ignorance is Strength.” For many of us, though, these phrases don’t apply to our modern-day perception. In other words, many of us are not seeing how we continue to be led to believe the exact opposite of the truth is true, and how many of our thoughts, words–and indeed, even actions–are being informed by beliefs that have simply been told to us and are not grounded in reality.

by Richard Enos, November 20th, 2018

To say that the Deep State employs this phenomena as a tool in their toolbox is something of an understatement; I would go so far as to say it is the main sustaining strategy of their power and their deception. The Deep State projects their own evils onto their enemy (the Awakened Public and true Freedom Fighters), and because they know of these evils so intimately, they are expert in vividly labeling others with their vices.

The Data Dump

At the risk of oversimplifying complex covert operations, I will take the liberty to explain briefly what we are dealing with here.

On November 5, the group known as ‘Anonymous’ dumped a bunch of documents on the website Here’s is how they introduced the material they were making public:

Greetings. We are Anonymous.

We have obtained a large number of documents relating to the activities of the ‘Integrity Initiative’ project that was launched back in the fall of 2015 and funded by the British government. The declared goal of the project is to counteract Russian propaganda and the hybrid warfare of Moscow. Hiding behind benevolent intentions, Britain has in fact created a large-scale information secret service in Europe, the United States and Canada, which consists of representatives of political, military, academic and journalistic communities with the think tank in London at the head of it.

As part of the project Britain has time and again intervened into domestic affairs of independent European states. A most demonstrative example is operation ‘Moncloa’ in Spain. Britain set to prevent Pedro Baños from appointment to the post of Director of Spain’s Department of Homeland Security. It took the Spanish cluster of the Integrity Initiative only a few hours to accomplish the task.

We will return to operation ‘Moncloa’ later as a very informative example of the Deep State’s activities on the geopolitical chessboard. For the moment, let’s take a look at the public face of the UK-based ‘Integrity Initiative’.

Integrity Initiative

The project entitled the ‘Integrity Initiative’ goes by the byline ‘Defending Democracy Against Disinformation’. On their ‘About Us’ page, they provide the following information:

Information is the basis of democracy. Without information, there can be no informed debate, and no informed decision-making.

We are a network of people and organizations from across Europe dedicated to revealing and combating propaganda and disinformation. Our broader aim is also to educate on how to spot disinformation and verify sources. This kind of work attracts the extremely hostile and aggressive attention of disinformation actors, like the Kremlin and its various proxies, so we hope you understand that our members mostly prefer to remain anonymous. The facts and information we present are all in the public domain, however, and you can investigate for yourselves. The network is coordinated from the UK. We are not a government body but we do work with government departments and agencies who share our aims.

As you read this, please recall the Orwellian doublespeak. What’s the best way to deliver propaganda? Pretend to be a group that is fighting against it. What is the best way to prevent being found out as agents of disinformation? Incessantly repeat that it’s the other guys, in this case ‘the Kremlin and its various proxies,’ that are the true disinformation agents. And because Russia poses the greatest threat to the Deep State and their globalist agenda, it is part of the dialectical nature of reality that the deception and evil at the heart of the Deep State would be projected incessantly upon Russia.

I am not trying to say that Russia does not participate at all in games of disinformation and deception; but what I do know is, in all the (translated) speeches I’ve heard from Vladamir Putin, he speaks very firmly of a multipolar world order, in which all nations are afforded a share of the power, and global governance is managed through negotiation, compromise, and agreement. This is in stark contrast to the Deep State, whose ultimate aim is a single, centralized world government that employs totalitarianism.

Thus the ‘Integrity Initiative’ is truly the ‘Deception Initiative’; instead of defending democracy against disinformation, it is actually attacking democracy with disinformation. Just browsing the articles on their website we see the prototypical mainstream perception-builders: ‘We must teach media literacy in the American school system’, ‘Why don’t facts kill the anti-vax movement?’, and ‘Strong support for Trump in the Russian media.’ If reading mainstream ‘perception-building’ propaganda over your morning toast and coffee appeals to you, then the Integrity Initiative is the website for you.

Political Interference

A thorough examination of the data dump of information about the Integrity Initiative, which is partially funded by the U. S. State Department and NATO’s Public Diplomacy Division, leaves one with the inescapable conclusion that this group’s true agenda is anti-Russian perception building and political interference to attempt to weaken Russia’s sphere of influence, all under the guise of blaming Russia for the very kinds of activities they are doing themselves, as this RT article points out:

Operating on a budget of £1.9 million (US$2.4 million), the secretive Integrity Initiative consists of “clusters” of local politicians, journalists, military personnel, scientists and academics. The team is dedicated to searching for and publishing “evidence” of Russian interference in European affairs, while themselves influencing leadership behind the scenes.

In a rather extreme case of projection, the UK establishment appears to be conducting the very activities of which it and its allies have long-accused the Kremlin, with little or no corroborating evidence. The program also aims to “change attitudes in Russia itself” as well as influencing Russian speakers in the EU and North America, one of the leaked documents states.

At present, the vast network allegedly has clusters for Spain, France, Germany, Italy, Greece, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Norway, Serbia, and Montenegro… but there’s more! According to the Anonymous leak, major plans to expand the sphere of influence throughout eastern Europe, the US, and Canada, as well as the MENA region, are already underway.

The article goes on to explain the way in which the group organized the ‘Moncloa Campaign,’ which was a coordinated social media blitz meant to look like honest, spontaneous tweets, posts, and chats. The Spanish ‘cluster’ of individuals who worked on the campaign, which included several high-profile Spanish journalists, worked to prevent the appointment of Colonel Pedro Banos as director of Spain’s Department of Homeland Security, simply because he appeared to be a Putin supporter. The campaign was successful in their goal after being live for only seven and a half hours, as Banos lost out to Miguel Angel Ballesteros for the position.

This document, part of the data dump, traces the efforts of the campaign and compiles the newspaper articles, tweets, and other social media activities that served to influence the appointment based on its anit-Putin, anti-Russia rhetoric. They even had a section titled ‘WhatsApp Group Example’ that included this conversation within a #NoPedroBanos group as part of the effort:

The Takeaway

It should come as no surprise that one of the best strategies in perception building is projection, and the Deep State are masters at that game. Our awakening is what will put an end to these exercises that keep us away from the truth. In the world of mainstream geopolitical news, it’s important that whenever the pot is calling the kettle black, our discernment filters are ready to pop up and critically examine the source, rather than buying into the narrative that is being pushed.