An Exclusive “It’s A Keenan Thing” Soft Disclosure


As of December 1, 2021, Amanah Neil Keenan‘s status was exalted to THE ONE.

THE ONE AND ONLY – who has possession of the sealed Black Book and foisted by his predestined superior authority and pinnacle power over the world’s financial systems – inclusive of the eastern Dragon Family Financial Instruments (DFFI) by his 2009 appointment as Special Power of Attorney and fulfilling his mission of securing and being elected as the Amanah of the Global Collateral Accounts (GCA); as well as planned restructuring and refinancing the corrupt fiat and debt defunct Cabal-Khazar’s western banking systems to be backed by THE ONE’S gold/silver asset currencies i.e.: World Bank, Bank of International Settlements, International Monetary Fund, Federal Reserve, National Central Banks, Vatican Bank, Queen’s Bank and other tiered banks.

Upon his Indonesian Elders election as Amanah in 2018, Keenan has been in a strategic stealth mode in covertly battling the cabal while discoursing with influential people and negotiating with powerful leaders to reach mutual agreements.

On December 1, 2021, Keenan accepted the global spiritual, political and financial leaders entrusted acclamations and their chosen recognition of his ordained status as THE ONE.

As THE ONE, Neil Keenan has proven himself to be resolute, fearless and spiritually invincible of the Cabal-Khazar’s malice efforts to: bribe and sideline him, intercept and pilfer his bank accounts, deter his international businesses and seize his properties, as well as countless metaphysical and physical (20+) assassination attempts.

Plotting Keenan’s demise continues to be the Cabal-Khazar’s financial and power checkmate moves to realize their evil means to destroy, dominate and depopulate the planet.

But, the Cabal-Khazar’s ulterior United Nations 2021-30 Agenda will fail and will not become a reality.

THE ONE’S destiny and victory has metaphysically manifested in the spiritual realm and is presently emerging into physical and biblical existence.

While Keenan has experienced numerous personal and professional losses on many fronts during these past decades, the Cabal-Khazars futile attempts on Neil’s life have been brilliantly foiled and miraculously overcome by Keenan’s innate knowing and his spiritual protectors.

Keenan’s Irish ways and American resilience has only emboldened and empowered him to ultimately achieve the status of THE ONE – Keenan is still standing and mightier than ever.

Neil Keenan is renowned for his infamous Bite once he’s nefariously crossed, especially since his November 23, 2011 Trillion Dollar Lawsuit that opened the Cabal-Khazar’s Pandora’s Box.

Once elected as the Amanah in 2018, Keenan’s Bite became more ferocious and detrimental.

Now, with the exalted status of THE ONE, Keenan’s Bite will have absolutely no mercy to those who have not rightly honored humans – the true creditors of the world’s wealth.

THE ONE is laser focused and has a precise bead on the Cabal-Khazars, especially those who have retreated to their bolt-holed enclaves in the: United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, European Union, New Zealand and Australia – they are all in his proximate crosshairs.

There is nowhere in the world (and off world) for the inhumane criminals to escape from THE ONE – Neil Francis Keenan is the tip of the spear, whose spiritually armored and akin to Saint Michael battling the demonic Dragon with his mighty sword.

With the loyal support of his Group K team, THE ONE will drop the power hammer, administer his world’s financial authority and enforce justice to right the wrongs of the Cabal-Khazars Synagogue of Satan, which have deprived, enslaved and harmed our sovereign humanity.

THE ONE will ultimately usher in the Golden Age by funding humanitarian and planetary projects from eons of accrued traded wealth, amassed precious metals and gems assets, as well as financial heritage accounts.

Neil Keenan’s transmuted status as THE ONE signals the closing chapter of AMANAH’S VALOR & VICTOR TRILOGY featuring his legacy from 2009-2021 –  AMANAH of OZ and AMANAH’S ODYSSEY.

Just as the caterpillar chrysalis transforms into a beautiful butterfly, Amanah Neil Keenan has metamorphosed to begin his new life’s path as THE ONE and create an epic narrative of THE ONE’S OPUS…Let it be!

Odin The Wise One

George Harrison – Beware Of Darkness:

All Things Must Pass

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