Written by News Desk Staff

Source: Hal Turner Radio Show

Video out of Mexico today shows an AMERICAN TRUCKING COMPANY using it’s flatbed trailers to carry hundreds of illegal alien “migrants” toward the US Border to aid and abet their illegal entry into the United States!

In the video, shown below, a truck pulling dual flatbed trailers with the company name “Javier” is shown along with its US Department of Transportation (DOT) ID number.

The video below shows the truck hauling the illegal aliens, and we used it to look up the owner info of the Trucking company . . .

Here is the truck:

Closer examination of video images reveals a United States Department of Transportation registration number on the truck:

When the company was called via phone and asked why their trucks were in Mexico aiding and abetting Illegal aliens trying to invade our country, the female who answered the phone stuttered and hung up.

Here is the video of the truck aiding and abetting the transportation of illegal aliens (trying to invade the United States) in their “migrant caravan.”

The Hal Turner Radio Show has calls into the US Department of Transportation to inquire as follows:

Is the use of this American Truck to haul illegal aliens toward America, a violation of DOT rules or of US laws?

Is this truck approved to carry passengers instead of freight?

What action can DOT take against a trucking company engaging in aiding and abetting illegal aliens?

This story will be updated when DOT responds.