Alleged charges of committing THE GENOCIDE OF HUMANITY

💥 With all references to the documents of the international tribunal. Read to everyone, including those for whom all this was the subject of fun and inappropriate banter.

Alleged charges of committing THE GENOCIDE OF HUMANITY

United States Government v. Bill Gates, Melinda Gates, Anthony Fauci, Christina Grady, Tedros Adhanom, National Governors Association, CDC, WHO, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

The US government accuses these individuals and organizations of war crimes with the intention of committing mass genocide by weakening the immune system of people and subsequent vaccination.

These individuals and organizations ordered the population to stay at home, wear masks, gloves and use social distancing in order to create an environment in which people cannot produce antibodies that generate collective immunity against the virus.

The defendants’ plan is to get people to get vaccinated against Covid-19, which, with a weakened immune system in people in isolation, will lead to massive deaths.

The defendants are also charged with crimes against humanity for deaths related to vaccinations and medical abuse against thousands of children around the world. The defendants publicly announced their plans to reduce the population and massacre people, which are genocide and war crimes in complete violation of both human rights and international law.

Under international law, the use of biological weapons against both military and civilian populations is a heinous war crime. ### Documents of the Hearings at the International Tribunal in the case of the organizers of the quarantine and mass vaccination. #### HRTI-20200427-00008 v. Bill & Melinda Gates, Anthony Fauci, Christine Grady, Tedros Adhanom, Nat. Governors’ Associations, CDC, WHO, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. ### A document listing the crimes of the accused. (20200427-HRTI-CDC WHO GATES) ### Hearing Notice to Defendants. (20200427-HRTI-GATES Et Al-ACCEPT & ACKNOWLEDGEMENT) ### Hearings on the case. (20200427-HRTI-GATES Et Al-NOTICE OF HEARING) Video of the hearing. … ### Case: HRTI-20200416-00009 against the Rothschild family. ### Document indicating crimes. (20200416-HRTI-ALL MEMBERS ROTHSCHILD FAMILY-ACCEPT & ACKNOWLEDGEMENT) All members of the Rothschild family are hereby accused of slavery in all its forms. See the PDF file that ends with “20200413-SOS-OAR-.pdf” ### Hearing Notice to Defendants. (20200416-HRTI-ALL MEMBERS ROTHSCHILD FAMILY-NOTICE OF HEARING) Notice of Hearing in the Government of the United States of America Against All Members of the Rothschild Family. ### Thanks to Marina Evtushenko ( for the links to the hearing documents. Links were found by forum participants.