After paralyzing 6-month old baby with too many vaccines, doctor suggests MORE vaccines


(NaturalNews) The lives of 6-month-old Cerenity Garza and her family have forever been changed, since Cerenity was given a series of vaccinations that left her paralyzed and brain damaged. After receiving a whopping eight vaccinations – the DTaP-Hib-IPV (5-in-1 combo vaccine), the hepatitis B vaccine, the pneumococcal Prevnar 13 vaccine and the oral Rotavirus vaccine – Cerenity’s mother, July Garza, remembers her daughter’s health taking a dramatic turn for the worse.

“On 11-5-2012, my daughter Cerenity was 6 months old,” July told the online publication, Vactruth. “Cerenity was a perfectly healthy baby with no health or development issues at all. She was crawling and sitting on her own by this time. She was due for her 6 month shots and on this day, we took her to one of the Harris County Free Clinics, the Antoine Health Center in Houston, Texas, where she was given the six month vaccines.”

A month later, family members called July at work to inform her that Cerenity was unresponsive. When taken to the hospital, where Cerenity underwent an MRI and a CT scan, the doctor said he was at a loss to explain what was causing the decline in her health.

Child protective services blames shaken baby syndrome for child’s health problems

The family was then sent home. The next day, Cerenity was unable to move, and July explains that rather than take her to the pediatrician, they called an ambulance. She was taken to a children’s hospital and put in the ICU. Soon thereafter, the hospital called Child Protective Services (CPS). At this point, the family was told that shaken baby syndrome was behind Cerenity’s drastic health changes, which included bleeding on the brain, paralysis and a transverse myelitis spinal cord disease diagnosis. However, the family later received an apology about the shaken baby accusation, and was instead informed that the child’s bleeding had been present since birth.

What followed were multiple visits to various Texas hospitals, which even involved the family moving in an effort to help save their daughter. At one point, they were even homeless, living out of their truck.

Parents, pressured by doctors for child to receive more vaccinations, lied to about the amount given

You can imagine the family’s shock when, years later, they were informed by a pediatrician that Cerenity needed to receive additional vaccinations.

“I hadn’t allowed Cerenity to get more shots since the 6 month shots, but recently, her pediatrician said that if I don’t give her more vaccines again, that I would be dismissed from their office,” July explained to Vactruth. “My daughter never recovered from the vaccines given at 6 months but the doctor insisted we continue to vaccinate her, which my husband and I did not want to do. After Cerenity was given those 6 month vaccines, every time we went to the doctors, they would push for more vaccines.”

Sadly, July says that she and her husband felt “bullied” into vaccinating their child again, adding that “the doctor made me feel like I had to consent.” It’s at this point that the situation takes a terrible turn for the worse – as if the family hadn’t already been through enough. You see, the family was told Cerenity would be given no more than three vaccinations, yet they were lied to. “Against our knowledge at that last visit, we found out the doctor lied to us,” July states. “She did not tell me that they would be giving Cerenity the 5-in-1 combo DTaP-Hep B-IPV vaccine, along with the Hib vaccine.”

Although Cerenity is now 3-years-old and able to walk, she often experiences pain, is irritable, has terrible vision, gets headaches, walks only on her tiptoes and has difficulty communicating.

Vaccine injuries a huge problem

Unfortunately, stories like this are becoming increasingly common, and it’s downright shameful. Many families observe terrible health problems unfold in their child within days after being given a vaccination. However, parents are often falsely accused of shaken baby syndrome, denied access to their child’s medical records, and even given jail time. The latter actually happened to John Sanders, whose baby girl died one day after receiving eight vaccinations. He received life without parole, despite the fact that he was with his child in the hospital the entire time after she fell ill, and in spite of many discrepancies being found in the child’s medical records.

It’s beyond unfortunate that vaccine injury stories like these exist. There’s nothing safe about vaccinations, yet they continue to be administered, and parents are often bullied by doctors to keep the endless cycle going.

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