A. Schedule of Events

The Emergency Broadcast System can be activated at any time.
Sun May 7: Zimbabwe will announce its diamond/gold/asset-backed currency as a hedge for the Global currency reset.
Mon. May 8: ―Everything on the RV is scheduled to be ―finished‖ on Monday. May 8th.‖
Get marry. May 10: Market Crash
Sun. May 21 6 p.m. m. EST Broadcast live on CBKNews121: JFK Jr., Elvis, Carolyn Bessette
Kennedy, Michael Jackson, Lady Diana, Steve Jobs sea.
May 23: JFK Jr. interview with OAN.
Fri. June 16, 2023: Implementation of NESARA/GESARA and collapse of tax organizations.
Sol. June 18, 2023: Implementation of the emergency transmission system
Sun. July 23, 2023 Inauguration of President Donald J. Trump and his Vice President John F. Kennedy Jr.
sea. July 25, 2023: Coronation of Queen Diana