A Review of the Importance of Mount Zion.

Submitted to Operation Disclosure | By Watcher

SEE: The Ark of the Covenant

Just below the picture of the crucifixion site, Golgotha – (Calvary / Place of the Skull) is the video link titled: Revealing God’s Treasure – Ark of the Covenant.

This is a wonderful live testimony of Ron Wyatt who, after 3 and a half years of excavation on site, “on January 6, 1982, Ron entered the chamber that contained the Ark of the Covenant”. What he tells of his experience is riveting. Precious to behold.

See also: Matthew 27:33; Matthew 27:51-54; 2 Maccabees 2:1-8; Tim 2: 5,6 and enjoy the revelation. Maranatha.

And thanks to Kevin Fischer for safeguarding these facts and making them available to us.

Blessings !