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A Message From Gaia


In these tumultuous times, I believe there is one thing I can say that we can ALL agree on: Something’s up with earth.
She’s hurt.
She’s angry.
She’s fed up.
She’s had it with the dosing of toxins we humans have poisoned her with.
She’s had it with how we have fracked the hell out of her.
She’s had it with how we have raped her of her oil and natural gas.
She’s had it with how we have so horribly farmed her land.
Her animals have been screaming for decades.
Her trees and plant life have been crying out for help for decades.
Her rivers and lakes and streams and oceans have been saying ENOUGH for decades.
And humanity, certainly those in power of policy making, have been ignoring her.
Well, she is taking back the reigns of control.

If humanity ain’t gonna get it, she will make sure we do.
Her patience is out.
She is fuming with volcanic activity.
She is purging with earthquakes.
She is SHOWING US she will not tolerate our crap anymore.  Our neglect. Our disrespect.
Mama Gaia means business.
We are not here to POWER OVER Gaia.
We are here to live WITH her.
This is a SYMBIOTIC relationship.  NOT a one-way street.
We are here to take ONLY what we need.  ONLY what we need.
With a sense of reverence.
And any damage we create, we must restore and mend to the best of our ability.
Our beautiful Gaia has suffered enough.
Incoming frequency waves are helping not only us to purge and remember, they are helping Gaia receive the much needed healing she is in need of.
When people speak of the Collective – we MUST include Gaia.
Always knowing that without Gaia, we don’t survive.  There is no us.
Her time to cleanse is upon us.
Let’s send her our Love as she does to Us just as we send ourselves and one another the same Love.
Just like us, she will be restored.
Only this time, she will no longer be in the lower vibrational frequencies of darkness and ignorance.
Let us intend that we follow the same course.