This beautiful channeling from our Universal Mother was done by Tiziana P. Thank you for sharing this love.

Greetings my beloved children, I am your Mother, Mother Mary, the Universal Mother, Mother of you, Mother of All, Mother of change…….I am Mare’. Please feel my white light, the clarity going into the crown (chakra) into your channel and enfolding you completely and then…..let’s give this gift to our beloved Terra Gaia and see the light going down through your legs, through your root chakra, down through your channel, reaching the core of the Earth.

I came here today again, to give you the comfort of the Mother, to remind you of my love, to remind you of my blue…use it, breathe it in, please do. Breathe it in now, breathe it in again. See it as a shower, see it as my Tsunami, see it as the love that I feel for you all. And again see the blue enfolding you, washing you clean. See it reaching the Earth, reaching Terra Gaia, reaching my children…and reaching Terra Gaia as a planet, as a physical planet, but also as a Spirit.

I am here to comfort you as a Mother does, I am here to remind you of your beauty, of how much you are expanding, how much you are becoming aware of the love that it’s pouring into this Earth, so strongly, so profoundly. You are expanding, you are opening to this love and it’s time to give this Love to all, all the people, all my children, all your brothers and sisters. Even if they are parents, even if they are husbands they are still part of One, they are still part of my heart and your heart. Enfold them with my cloak of blue.

Enfold your cities, enfold your villages, enfold those places where there is still war…..and war can have many forms dear ones. I am also asking you to go inside and see if there is still war with yourselves, with the parts of yourselves. This is a time of communion and where do we start? We start to be in communion with ourselves, with these parts that, yes it’s time to let go of, but with compassion, forgiveness, grace and joy. Let’s leave the struggle behind. You have enough help now, there is no need to struggle anymore.

But what I am asking you and what I have asked this channel before, is to see the best in everyone….not the worst……enough with that, don’t you think? Try to see the best in all…all your brothers and sisters, but also the situations, also the village, the city where you live…your cultures. There are gems of wisdom in each of your cultures and cultures are uniting, you are becoming more tolerant towards other cultures, because you know that they are your brothers and sisters. The curiosity that you have to meet them, to be with them in communion, in sacred undertakings, just to be in joy and celebrate, celebrate all that you are achieving. Most of it you don’t even realize it’s there.

You are committed. You want to give your service and sometimes you don’t realize that you are giving your service even in the small (not so small) things, with a smile, a touch, an open heart that can listen with no judgment, or just feeling your vibration raising even if you find yourselves in a challenging situation.

Do you have a question for me?

Thank you Mother, I had many questions but now I don’t remember any, sorry.

UMM: There’s no need to be sorry (lots of giggles and laughter), you can ask me any time you want, I’ll be there, I am there, I am next to you as I am next to every single daughter and son. You can ask me all you want and even if you will not hear an answer immediately, you will have your answers, you know what I mean (intuition, synchronicity, doors opening).

Now, before I go, I would like to place in this circle of the Archangels, this circle that you have created and that we have created also joining you, let’s place your families in this circle, your friends, your job, your service, your culture, your challenges, and let’s put the village where you live all within this circle. There are Legions of Angels of Light, the Legions of Michael, Mi-ka- el, the Legions of Angels and Archangels they are all surrounding this circle right now. Let’s bring them all here and see and feel…..Yahweh emanating his Golden Light into all of his children…..and let’s feel and see Archangel Michael, emanating his blue light, love, peace, companionship into you all.

And now let’s see and feel Archangel Raphael emanating his healing light, his love, his beautiful green, emerald green. And let’s feel and see Archangel Uriel emanating the silver light, the platinum. And now let’s see and feel Archangel Jophiel emanating the purple, violet, amethyst………and me emanating my blue, but also the clarity, the white. Let’s see and feel Archangel Gabrielle emanating her beautiful gold and the bubbles of joy to all.

And see and feel my beloved Jesus, and your beloved Jesus, emanating the magenta together with the Magdalena. And now let’s see and feel Saint Germaine coming strongly, with a smile on his face, and see the Violet Flame blazing up from underneath enfolding all of you and your families, your challenges, your situations, your lives, your houses, the earth (the soil) where you live.

You can repeat this exercise any time you want, any time you wish. We will be here, you will find and you will feel the same power, the same release. Let’s ground all these beautiful rainbows of light, deep down into the core of Terra Gaia. Give thanks, beloveds, to your beautiful Gaia.

Call on me any time. I will always answer, always. I am your Mother. Farewell my beautiful children, farewell.

By Permission.

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