A Chaotic Culture from a Jacobin Mob

Once upon a time back in the last century a gaggle of pseudo intellectuals adopted the precepts of “so called” enlightened progressivism. The reality of this broad doctrine from this version of a social contract was a revolutionary conflict with the imperial order of the ruling dynasties. The cumulative abuses over the centuries from empires and royalists has compiled volumes in history accounts. So when the natural motivation for liberation took hold as economic expansion developed, it is understandable that the established order of the day combated the revolutionaries. Providing an alternative to the blood line aristocracy was a most attractive objective for the future.

Always at the core of subversive insurgents is a strain of anarchism. The objection to the levers of authority stemmed from the construct that these Jacobins did not control the institutions or bureaucracies which actually held the power. Dramatically with the disastrous involvements and consequences of two world wars and numerous police actions, the fundamental foreign policy of the country was sabotaged.

Gradually the traditional educational curriculum was discarded and western civilization history was buried from memory. Popular culture degenerated from the anti-war protests in the 1960’s to demands for heating up a new cold war against Russia. The corporatist monolith media provides the unending propaganda and becomes the censorship gatekeeper against voices of rational reason.

Liberals were once noted as staunch defenders of civil liberties. Today one is hard pressed to uncover a person on the left, who upholds these noble natural rights. Free Speech is now attacked systematically by the every Jacobin terrorists, who rationalize to themselves that they possess the high moral ground. The fact is clear these violent radicals are not motivated by principle.

The uniformed “PC” culture has captured the ignorant. Proof of this assessment is illustrated by the way that the loony left has been conned into actually defending the establishment and the Deep State. How ironic that the progressive movement opposed the entrenched autocrats over a century ago, but now are opposing the Trump administration for bringing America back from the edge.

Democrat Socialists are perfecting the tyranny of their totalitarian centralized dictatorship. The street demonstrations are not authentic protests, but entirely qualify as mob mayhem. Many are in the pay of subversive traitors who are dedicated to the total destruction of our Republic. These new age technocrats do the bidding of the real fascists. Just look to the gang of the Illuminati crowd that attends the Bilderberg and Davos gatherings.

Even more paradoxical is that the dumbified youth that perpetuate the failed culture of collectivism are directly providing the pandemonium and pillage disruptions that allow the power elite to maintain their control over the political dialogue.

A challenge to the New World Order is an existential threat to the satanic rule over the planet. President Trump has caused fright to the very bone of the globalist organism of parasites. The chaotic culture that are the likes of the Antifa crew of thugs perpetuate the intentional and tangible objective to break-up the American family, wipe out the Christian religion, destroy a free market capitalistic economy and eliminate any political opposition to the autocratic regime that is being installed to replace our constitution.

The lawless society that has become the hallmark of progressive politics is determined to revamp or eliminate any semblance of limited government or independent life for individual citizens. If the leftist radicals lose an election just declare it was not legitimate. This attitude is the basis of the Trump opposition. When trumped up excuses are continually used to impeach is the best that can be used, get ready for fire in the streets from the zealot mob losers.

Arguments and political discourse are being purged because the left has already lost any debate. Their only recourse to impose their repressive regime is to inflict a maniacal upheaval throughout every aspect of society.

It is relatively easy to understand that the younger generations would be subjected to inane peer pressure, but how does one explain why some seasoned political observers are unable to reject the destructive consequences of an all-powerful socialist state structure for a despotic government?

As the middle class shares in the prosperity of a revamped and vibrant economy, more people have the opportunity to better their condition. Those who look to federal agencies for their sustenance will remain in chains on the dependency plantation. Yet the progressives refuse to sever their belief that endless spending can continue even with the addition of universal health care and every other pet peeve that can come out of the mind of a lefty lunatic. The opinion of a naive neophyte simply does not have the weight of an experienced real world political veteran.

A claim as a social warrior is more likely to qualify the advocate as part of a mob than a problem solver. The daily dread that each day sinks deeper into chaos hardly can be denied. Digging out reliable outlets for accurate news gets more difficult each day. However, when factual reporting is found the evidence that the left has no valid campaign message for the midterm elections, is undeniable.

As the bedlam extends and expands, the furor of motivated and voting Americans grow. The demagogue Jacobins only cause disorder, while the responsible elector is galvanized to repel any effort to impeach and remove from office a duly elected President.

In order for the radical left to succeed, they have to tear down the country and wreck the recovery. When Democrats adopt a platform to repeal individual tax cuts for ordinary citizens, the proof is incontestable that they have relinquished representing you and your neighbors. Resist the bullying from the jackboot punks. Ignore the presstitutes and their continuous lies. Rely on the wisdom of your own experience and vote for a Republican Congress and Senate.

Hold your nose if you must, but do not be stupid by buying into the deranged rhetoric from the Jacobin Mob in the Democrat Party.

SARTRE – August 28, 2018

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