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Cinq means 5 in French, and pourqui is the French word for why.  Hence 5Y.

Ok, maybe not so clever, but you do enough of these posts and you start reaching for topics and titles.
My other option was Yosef: Man or Cyborg?

Below are five questions everyone will ask and want answered clearly and definitely before we enter our exchange appointment this weekend:

1) Why the new NPTB tease the world with the RV?

A) You were teased via endless pump fakes to draw out the the hard core enemy, which executed the 9/11 attacks in September 2001.  They are very dangerous, beyond desperate and never to be trusted.  Ever.  Hence the stop and start strategy over an elongated period of time.

2) Why were we made to wait so damn long?

A) You were made to wait so damn long because the GCR/RV had a five year work out plan starting in May 2012.  And all the lead up time, while emotionally debilitating and structurally aggravating, was needed to set all the necessary  transition pillars (military, government, geopolitics and finance) so we could redeem atop of bedrock versus sand.  And safely.  Once.

3) Why have the NPTB leaked real release information yet not performed?

A) Gurus were leaked good information to counter the bad information leaked by the cabal.  It both informed the awakened general public of what was to come, neutralized the enemy’s steady flow of propaganda and separated the true humanitarians from just the profit seekers.

4) Why is the RV invisible, and so difficult to follow competently let alone understand with a high level of certainty?

A) You cannot hit what you cannot see, so the NPTB maintained a cloak of classified silence around the GCR/RV’s existence as well as its implementation strategy to best protect the overall mission from sabotage, patriots who were tasked with executing said mission on a daily scale and prevent the global population from hurting themselves with undue fiscal excitement and/or unachievable timing expectations.

5) Do I look fat in these jeans?

A)  Yes.  Start exercising more, eat less using several smaller meals and stop stuffing your face with carbs and refined sugars after 8pm.

Intel Footnotes:

We’re in another very real three day window of RV release performance from market close Friday to market open Monday.
The RV did in fact start at midnight Thursday night with the first T4 conversions in actual exchange centers at the true screen and sovereign rates, also the first few group batches were processed–this was done to draw out the enemies post RV attack strategies.
Air Force One left the country twice, once early on Thursday and once mid day on Friday.  Trump was on board once.
All we’re pump fakes, and know there are many more planned if your a latent cabal loyalist:)

Good luck starting or sustaining chaos.

God is with us.