5Genocide: Gates and Rutte Genocide Plan Agenda 21 — Rinus Verhagen

5Genocide: Gates and Rutte Genocide Plan Agenda 21 -- Rinus Verhagen

Monday, April 20, 2020

Operation Disclosure | By Rinus Verhagen, Contributor April 20, 2020 Dear patriots and readers of IDC all over the World, The whole… 5G Exerts Control Over Living Matter: Secret Weapons for Quiet WarsGreta Thunberg, Alternative Energy, Mind Control, Nigeria Genocide, UN Troops, VaccineGate, Fossil Fuels, and HeatwavesThe Greatest Mass Murderers were Zionist Jews

Operation Disclosure | By Rinus Verhagen, Contributor

April 20, 2020

Dear patriots and readers of IDC all over the World,

The whole plan now becomes more visible about the Genocide plans of the Cabal, in which the Dutch Cabal plays a prominent role.

We also see that all important positions in the government are only Satanists who abuse, assassinate and suppress the hostage population to carry out their satanic agenda 21.

Rutte is a mass killer, think the MH17/ MH370.

Wen the Dutch Cabal go down, means the end of the NWO – EU, UN, WHO scum.

In short, Bernhard von Lippe, Stadholder Willy’s grandfather, had this agenda 21 brought in by the PVDA party (Hans Aalders) immediately after a Bilderberg conference in 1992, these Satanists play among each other important places, with the Chemtrail spraying from Schiphol Airport under his control until early 2019.

Europe too systematically poisoning earth water and air.

Bilderberg was founded in 1954 by Bernhard von Lippe with the help of the CIA, the CIA was created by merging the OSS Office of Strategic Services with (The Gestapo, abbreviation for Secret State Police until 1936 also known as Gestapa, for Secret State Police), was the political or secret police in Nazi Germany (1933 – 1945). The central Gestapo headquarters was located at Prinz-Albrecht-Strasse 8 in Berlin).

Since Queen Wilhelmina fled on 13 May 1940, the Netherlands became part of Germany and on 18 May 1940 the Nazi regime and administration was installed, which still works according to this structure, which means that we still have a Hitler Cabinet.

Corona app releases, Genocide on its own population the new normal

As of 8 February 2020 there has been another secret Bilderberg conference, https://www.vno-ncw.nl/bilderbergprogramma

Where also Hugo de Jong was present together with several Bilderberg Satanists.

Gates’ involvement with WHO, the Corona virus, Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Deborah Birx share equal Satanist interests to implement Agenda 21.

Hugo de Jong, was thanked by She-male Gaga for the 50 million euro contributions to implement the WHO’s agenda for the genocide plans.

During this period, 5G masts are rushed through the country, to cause a Corona effect on people, and to completely destroy the economy in order to make the population 100% dependent on the NWO.

Rutte tells that the new one is normally a 1.5 meter economy, why? Because get 5G network can’t receive correct data when people are scrambled on top of each other.

People who haven’t been vaccinated will be locked up if they don’t have the NWO’s vaccination certificate.

To this end, the Cabal government has passed a law that will make vaccination and chipping mandatory in the future.

Kingdom Act of 6 March 2020 amending the Passport Act in connection with the introduction of electronic identification with a public identifier and the extension of the basic register of travel documents.

We Willem-Alexander, by the grace of God, King of the Netherlands, Prince of Orange-Nassau, etc., etc., etc., etc., etc.


Willy the retarded one who certainly did not come to this position by GOD but by Satan.

Here’s a statement from Kevin Annette:

Mark Rutte, Prince Friso (Willem Alexander), Dick Berlin involved in gruesome practices Watch here a shocking excerpt from an interview with Kevin Annett. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XuajeOsrY5Q&fbclid=IwAR2mrdqYe0e3okb8EAC6Yjl41o5fpSYp8rWufzoyoUfMAnd8vQ4j8bkSRKs&app=desktop

The Truth Is Out There

Ernst Hirsch Ballin, Piet Hein Donner, Gerlof Leistra (journalist Elsevier), Geert Wilders, Erik van den Emster (former chairman of the Judiciary Council), Carla Eradus (president of the Court of Amsterdam), Mark Rutte, Mabel Wisse Smit, George Soros, Dick Berlin, and of course Prince Johan Friso, are involved in child abuse, child abduction, the hunting/killing of children and ritual slaughter of children.

In the past there have already been reports filed by Bond against government affairs, the Dutch Cabal government and the Fake King Willy at the ICC in The Hague.

So a lot of cases have been brought to our attention for a long time, where we don’t have to expect a solution from our own legal system as it is part of the Cabal.

As I see it, the Netherlands is the Achilles heel of the Satanists in Europe, as the Netherlands has no valid legal system, but this system protects the Elite from the unsuspecting sleeping population.

Now action has been taken against the telecom providers with a damage claim for placing and terrorizing with 5G networks that the Satanists want executed for crowd control.

We must stop the Drugs Baron Fake King Willy the Moron and his Syndicate and his Pedo network and money laundering.

Bailiff delivers liability letters

Dear participant in our 5G action,

Last week a bailiff delivered letters on behalf of 3,349 participants in the 5G action of the National Union against Government Affairs to the directors of KPN, T-Mobile and Vodafone-Ziggo. Politicians and civil servants also received letters. The documents bring them the message that they will be held personally liable for wrongful acts if they do not stop the rollout of 5G. Soon they will receive a second load of letters.


Read further below from our just published press release:

“This is the moment we’ve been facing for six months. The 5G action started at the end of September last year. The expectation was that the campaign could be closed in January. Zwarts hoped that at least 1,000 to 1,500 people would participate in the campaign, but was overwhelmed by a much larger number of registrations. The number of 1,500 had already been reached within a week. A total of 8,300 people seem to have joined the action. That would be a very high number, if it were true. However, this is not likely, partly because some people have registered for the action several times. The Bond is still working on putting its data files in order.

The high number of participants, however, finds Zwarts ‘really great’. He sees an important explanation for the success of the union in the support that started after the start of the campaign in Facebook groups and the willingness of volunteers to get involved in the campaign and to involve their network. Zwarts: ‘I am very grateful to them for that. Without the support and trust of all the people who care about us, we would never have come this far’.

Closing the campaign in January proved to be unfeasible. The number of applications that had to be processed was too large for that. In addition, a relatively large number of submitted documents turned out to be filled in incorrectly. The problem could only be solved by automating the application procedure. As a result, everyone had to re-sign the documents, even though they had previously submitted correctly completed documents. We had no choice,’ says Zwarts. If we hadn’t taken this automation step, people would have run the risk that their contracts would later be declared invalid by the courts. Of course we wanted to prevent that.

De Bond has recently introduced a smoothly functioning digital registration system that handles registration, signing and payment in one go. Until recently, this still required intermediate steps via e-mail. The system is still being perfected, but it can certainly be used for future actions. Zwarts: ‘We can’t leave everything to the computer, because there will always be questions we have to answer and practical problems we have to help solve. But it makes a big difference that we have this system now. We will soon be able to process large numbers quickly’.

Not all practical issues have been resolved yet. Some of the people who signed up for the 5G action in the past weeks still need to receive an invitation for digital signature. This will happen soon. In addition, a small group of participants who had already joined the action in September and October have not yet received an invitation to sign new contracts. Something went wrong in the processing of their e-mail addresses. De Bond has purchased special software to filter those e-mail addresses out of the data files. Zwarts expects these people to be notified within a week.

Until everyone has had the chance to convert their original application for the 5G campaign into a complete digital registration, the Bond will not close its 5G campaign yet. Zwarts expects the campaign to be definitively closed early next month. After that, the bailiff will deliver a second load of liability letters to the telecom directors, politicians and civil servants. Among these documents are the letters from those who have registered with the campaign in recent weeks. As long as the campaign is not definitively closed, people can still register as participants. The campaign is definitively closed if registration on the website is no longer possible. De Bond will make sure that all letters are received by those responsible before the auction of the 5G frequencies.

The Federation’s volunteer team that helps everyone with questions about their registration has now been expanded. The team now has a new e-mail address, klantenservice@bondoverheidszaken.nl , and a telephone number that can be called Monday through Friday between 10:00 and 12:00. This number is 070 2210318. The volunteer team still has a lot of work to do at the moment to answer questions, especially about old registrations. If you have a question, it is best to send an e-mail to the address mentioned, mentioning your registration number. If you have an urgent question, you can call the phone number.

Recently, the National Union against Government Affairs has been active on Facebook again. Although the Union does not have its original account, it has been able to create a new page. Go to our Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/NationaleBondOverheidszaken.NL give the Union a like and invite friends to follow the page as well! The bigger our following, the more we can draw attention to our actions and the better we can promote our common interest. That is also your interest! Together we are strong.

People who still want to join the 5G-action can do so here:

N.B. If you have already registered for the 5G promotion but have not yet digitally signed your contract, you can improve your registration on the renewed registration form. So you don’t have to wait for the e-mail you will receive shortly.

With heartfelt greetings,

Jordy Zwarts

President National Confederation against Government Affairs

The compulsory ID chip according to the Gates and WHO Cabal will therefore have to be stopped before there are any deaths, which will then be classified as Corona Death and our rights will never return, but are slaves and can be murdered at any time via the implanted ID Chip.

I turn indirectly to Donald J Trump and Vladimir Putin to free the people of Europe from the Cabal.

How can we help and support the removal of the Cabal Satanists from power.

We have no weapons, and we are not trained to deal with them, so what can we do to remove these globalists from Cabal once and for all?

Can we freeze the assets of all Cabal members in the governments and governments, army, and judiciary, tax authorities so that they no longer have or will ever have power.


Finally, a piece of Satire, because of the failure of the (Stadholder’s Day) King’s Day celebration.

Then first a few concepts.

Sylvana Simons is a deranged mental ill left-wing activist, like Ilhan Omar with a dark skin who thinks all white people are racists, and has her own Soros sponsored Antifa Bij1, and member of the anarchy Dutch Black Panthers.

So Sylvana Humor can be filled in as Black Humor.

J,D, is former secretary general of justice Joris Demmink and pedophile.

DENK is a Salafists political Muslim party of 2 Turks and a Moroccan

Ollongren is a lesbian D66 Satanist minister as the ventriloquist puppet of Beatrix.

(Lock down gives me Satire happy hallucinations. Rinus)

Dear compatriots. Sylvana Humor.

In connection with the celebration of King’s Day this year, I want to organize a Corona Nies race in my backyard right after the Lock down.

There are prizes to be won in the form of free Vaccination and Chipping.

We’ll start with the Nazi national anthem, Wilhelmus wail I want Adrenochrome blood.

I hope that many Orangists and leftist greens can appreciate this and masses will come and get their Genocide shot.

So many wretches may come over you.

Max will provide the Agent Orange lemonade with stuffed cyanide cakes so you can all get the plague.

We also have the famous orange ribbons for the doorknob hanging game.

Of course, the 5G microwave effect should not be left behind to make you look radiant in this zombie transformation.

We will burn away the only brain cell you have.

In conclusion Maxima and I thought, this time no fireworks but two other options to organize.

The Jorge Videla Plane Jumping and or a Holocaust BBQ in line with our family traditions, (Mass Murder).

When my mother Beatrix heard this she indicated that she would like to offer her Spiritual cooking class in practice, with her delicious Pizza points and Hotdogs and a fresh Adreno Zuig bench for the pedophiles present.

Our faithful family friend J.D. will play with the children in between.

The whole thing will be musically enlivened by the 666 Bloodys with singers and the Dance duo Mark Rutte and Rob Jette who perform their song and dance titled The HOMO Tango, I’ve never enjoyed it so much, with your moustache against my testicles, and special guest Joe Binden sniffs together with the Dementinos.

The DENK Morons shouldn’t be missing where there’s a party, they’re going to show a Halal cultural stoning act, hope Witch Ollongren stays still.