Sorcha Faal — $8 Trillion Man Tells America


August 17, 2019

$8 Trillion Man Tells America: “You Have No Choice But To Vote For Me”

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

Source: What Does It Mean

An interesting new Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) report circulating in the Kremlin today discussing next steps moves towards advancing Russia’s proposal for Persian Gulf peace in the United Nations as a counterbalance to the United States “Axis of Aggression”, that now sees their courts dangerously issuing arrest warrants against Iranian ships on the high seas, states the major impediment to the success of this endeavor is the withdrawal of President Donald Trump from the global stage—an expected action as Trump has long declared he puts America first, and didn’t mince words when said “I’m not president of world”—and whose massive list of accomplishments for his nation’s peoples towards this end,, to include his adding a staggering $8 trillion of wealth to their stock markets that fund their country’s vast retirement scheme, led him to speak before a record breaking crowd of his supporters this past week and tell the American people “you have no choice but to vote for me”—a “choice”, however, The New York Times has just been shockingly revealed to be plotting to stop—whose master plan discovered in their own leaked documents shows them admitting that the Trump-Russia collusion hoax is dead—and because of, now sees them preparing to launch against Trump a vile and demonic campaign of racial division. [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.]

According to this report, no understanding of what the United States is going through today can be accomplished without one’s comprehending its “Deep State” currently in a war to the death against President Trump—an amorphous (without a clearly defined shape or form) term used to denote an informal or parallel government that exists to countermand legitimate, usually more democratic, institutions—best described, documented and detailed by former Canadian diplomat and professor Peter Dale Scott—who, in his 1996 scholarly work titled “Deep Politics and the Death of JFK”, revealed the full power of this hidden government with his stating: “President Kennedy’s death was not a random, external plot that hit the United States. It was more likely that it represented a ‘systemic adjustment’ meant to override Kennedy’s impulses toward liberal reform at home and military de-escalation abroad”—and after whose public execution by assassination, saw Professor Scott revealing that after Kennedy’s death: “A grand coalition of forces found within public government, organized crime and private wealth engineered and profited from the president’s death”.

In order to keep himself from becoming another “systemic adjustment” of the “Deep State”, this report notes, President Trump became the most knowledgable person to ever become America’s leader fully prepared to take on this hidden government—a decades long learning process that saw him being mentored by two of the 20th Century’s most skilled, powerful and dangerous political operatives, Roy Cohn and Roger Stone—saw him becoming a US federal law, constitution and court procedures expert under the tutelage of his sister Maryanne Trump-Berry, one of the most powerful and accomplished US Federal Judges in modern times—saw him becoming an expert in secret government scientific and military secrets taught to him by his uncle Dr. John Trump, one of the world’s top physicists whom the FBI gave all of the research papers belonging to the legendary world genius inventor Nicola Tesla—as well as his working for decades with some of America’s top mafia families—who were, also, the same mafia families that worked with and for the CIA.

Being fully prepared to face down the “Deep State”, this report continues, it was no surprise that President Trump quickly discovered the White House had been bugged—but that he quickly remedied by stripping the entire White House and rebuilding its interior from scratch—thus notching his first win against his hidden government enemies he knows more about than they do.

Just an hour after the President Trump took off on Air Force One, all furniture was emptied out of the White House and stashed in storage pods on the grounds outside of the West Wing.

Knowing that his greatest “Deep State” threat would come from the CIA, this report details, President Trump quickly made his top loyalist Mike Pompeo its director—not for the purpose of actually running this spy agency, but to identify who would be its best leader to root out its corrupt elements—and was found in Gina Haspel—a ruthless and legendary CIA deep cover “honey pot” operative and assassin well known to all Russian spy agencies from the years she worked the Soviet desk, whose language she’s fluent in, as well as her being an expert in the tradecraft Moscow uses—knows more about British spy agencies than their own leaders and operatives do, and is why they call her an “honorary UK desk officer”—and most importantly, especially to Trump, despises and loathes the press, with her having said that there were only two outcomes from giving an interview to a reporter: “Bad and Terrible”.

“Deep State” cowered in fear after President Trump made ruthless assassin Gina Haspel (above) his CIA director

Having secured the CIA by making feared assassin Gina Haspel its director, this report continues, President Trump then moved against “Deep State” elements within the State Department—a ruthless action he began by ordering they could no longer hire anyone—after which then saw Trump “pushing them out in droves”—a hollowing out that saw them losing 12% of their foreign-affairs specialists in the first eight months of the Trump administration—continues to this very day and sees Trump loyalists still roaming the halls to call out “traitors”—and this week sees Trump preparing to eviscerate them by taking away more than $4 billion of their foreign spending.

President Trump continues to this day the largest purge of US State Department top officials ever seen in American history

Being protected by CIA Director Gina Haspel, and while continuing his unprecedented purge of the State Department, this report further notes, President Trump then moved against the “Deep State” power centers in both the US Department of Justice and FBI—a brutal top-down attack that, by August-2018, had seen 25 top DOJ and FBI officials being fired, demoted or resigned—the greatest purge in history of DOJ and FBI top officials—many of whom face criminal indictments for the part they played in the coup plot against Trump—and all of whom mistakenly thought that they were above the law.

President Trump continues to this day the largest purge of Department of Justice and FBI top officials ever seen in history

As President Trump continues the largest wipe out of “Deep State” operatives embedded in the US government ever seen in history, this report concludes, left unanswered is what he’s preparing to do next—a question being asked by former top President Ronald Reagan official Paul Craig Roberts who, in his article titled “Does Trump Have the Balls to Hold the Deep State Accountable?”, stated “This is the last chance for the US government to hold the security agencies accountable and restrain them from pursuing their secret agendas unimpeded…the felonies committed by the CIA, FBI, and Obama Justice Department constitute no less than a coup against the president of the United States, an act of sedition and treason…yet, those responsible might never be held accountable”—and, also, by former top CIA official Ray McGovern who—in his obviously speaking for CIA Director Gina Haspel—is “advising” US Attorney General William Barr to lean hard on Trump to unleash US Congressman Devin Nunes, Inspector General Michael Horowitz, US Attorney John Durham and like-minded investigators—after which “all hell will break lose, because the evidence against those who took serious liberties with the law is staring them all in the face”—but is a “hell” Trump has been preparing for decades to walk into to face down those seeking to destroy him, his family and the American people.

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