16 Ounces of Sauerkraut is Equal to 8 Bottles of Probiotics

On April 21, 2019 / In Remedies


Fermented foods became more accepted due to the achievement of the traditional food movement.

For a long period of time, people have eaten fermented food because of the diverse benefits that they offer. People definitely realized why our ancestors used this kind of foods.

Jillian Levy, a certified holistic health coach, said that for centuries sauerkraut, which is a form of fermented cabbage, has been known all over Central Europe.

Sauerkraut is a combination of one of the most healthy foods that exist, cabbage, and fermentation, a conventional method for food preparation. This method is known to be a popular and old form of conserving the cabbage, as it was a crucial food source in ancient times, according to the Institute for Integrative Medicine at the University of Witten in Germany.

The ancient technique called fermentation is the method that can change the chemistry of any food. Valuable probiotics are being processed by sauerkraut’s fermentation, comparable to cultivated dairy products such as yogurt and kefir. The immune, cognitive, digestive and endocrine function is enhanced due to this probiotics.

Pickling cabbage is used to make sauerkraut in a process called lacto-fermentation. The sauerkraut is a big source of enzymes that can help with digestion and absorbing nutrients in the body.

Large amounts of chemicals are used in the store-bought sauerkraut which is pasteurized. Because of that, it cannot offer all the health benefits that the natural sauerkraut contains.

If you want to make home-made sauerkraut and increase your immune system, here is how to do it:

Homemade Sauerkraut Recipe


  • 6 pounds cabbage
  • 3 tablespoons of sea salt


You have to cut out the big outer leaves of the cabbage and then cut what’s left of it. Then, mix the cabbage with salt in a dish. For around 15 minutes, mix it with your hands, so it can release a huge amount of its healthy juices.

After, put the mix into a large fermentation container and push it down so that the juices will come up on the top. After you do this step, cover the mix with a plate, leaving about 2 inches of space from the top.

Later, place a glass jar filled with water on top of the plate so that it will be pressed down, making the water come out of it. The container must be kept at room temperature in a dark, cool place, covered with a towel.

The process of fermentation will take about a month. After it is done, store the sauerkraut in a fridge and enjoy its benefits daily!

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