RV Intension Tuesday October 25, 2016


There is an open door today for the RV to begin, so much so all humanity can walk through its precipice of possibility.

We shall wait no longer for our miracle to happen because the ship of patience has long since sailed oh dear decision makers.

What will it take for you to to make the threshold releasing decision?  What will it take for you to push through all remaining fear and doubt?  What will it take for you to trust the Great Creator and Heaven’s Mandate?

Every major aspect of the RV is ready.  You know this, we know this.

All banking, military, diplomacy and technology is in place and ready to serve.  All critical chickens are clucking at their desks from inside the redemption hen houses just waiting to help us deposit our eggs.  So what’s holding you back?  What’s stopping you from allowing humanity to ascend rapidly and radically?

The answer is nothing.  Nothing is holding you back.  Nothing prohibits the release of Christ’s Restored Kingdom Wealth.  Nothing stands in the way of issuing a final global release authorization.  Nothing burdens your soul enough to withhold such a historic and  important earthly decision.  Nothing is out of position in order for all toll free numbers to be released.  Absolutely nothing is stopping you… and you know, we know it.

That means everything is right for this release.  And somehow, someway you’ve got to trust your gut and let this puppy fly.  Whatever happens, happens.  Because after twenty some years of careful study and diligent application, you have forgotten one simple truth… all things that begin also end… and today we reached that end together.

Everything you needed to be complete has been completed.  Everything you thought might go wrong, will not.  Everything you felt was vital to the process is in place.  Everything you believed could be achieved, so shall be.  And everything you demanded be locked down and triple checked, sits active and ready to serve the masses.

In truth, your personal competence is now the deeper issue.  Not a lack of it, rather, you’re just too damn ready.  You’ve given painstaking birth to an innovative, technologically superior solution that you now struggle to trust as benevolently operational.  Yet it is, and so you must find the courage to walk through this magnificent portal of mercy.

Are you not the least bit curious as to what awaits us all on the other side of the RV?  Of course you are, we all are.  So dive in, the water’s of discovery are warm and waiting for you.

Walk the walk with us, no more thinking, no more talking, just doing.  Because until you do your part, we cannot do ours and applying the will of Heaven on Earth.  Thus, you are holding up your won species, and that’s never a good thing.  As such, we will no longer be held back for we know we are indeed free again.

And as united sovereign men and women of the most high, today we have decided to move forward on our own to exist permanently in comfort and abundance.

So walk with us today decision makers.  Walk tall.  Walk proud.  Walk certain.  Walk in faith.  But walk.  Because no additional preparation will halt Heaven now that it has decided the time is divine.