​​Trump is safe.

Last Tuesday, at about 3 a.m., a sniper’s bullet hit a panoramic window in the east wall of Trump’s bedroom at his Mar-a-Lago estate. The shell could have killed him if Trump hadn’t recently replaced the tempered glass with bulletproof glass from Blast Structures International.
A confidential source from Trump’s inner circle said that Trump was asleep in bed and, a light sleeper, was woken up by the “sharp crack” of a bullet piercing the glass. The projectile did not break through the glass, but caused a diffuse crack.
A silent alarm went off, immediately alerting the Palm Beach Police Department and Trump’s Secret Service division, which is on duty at a guest house ten yards from the main building. The agents took Trump to a safe place and escorted him to a fortified room.

Another confirmation that we are now seeing a Trump stand-in / doppelganger.
Think logically, Donald Trump, who is now being hunted by the Deep State-enemy number one for all the evil spirits, still convulsing, but already on their last legs. Trump will not jeopardize his life, the lives of his loved ones, or the course of this entire large-scale operation by spending nights in a bedroom behind a wide window or playing golf. Just turn on the logic.

“Trump categorically did not want to involve the police in this case,” the source said. “He told his guys that he wanted to stay at home. No law enforcement agencies. No media. He was very strict about the fact that the media did not pay attention to this event. Trump made a phone call, and thirty minutes later, some strong guys arrived at the estate who were definitely not Secret Service representatives.” Forecast for the near future