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ZWN Theory

Let’s just say a $1.00 Zimbabwe Note (ZWN) is right now appearing on Wells Fargo’s screen at the everyday market rate of $0.01 USN.  This would mean that due to new calculations as bench marked per the new gold spot price set in Shanghai on Sunday in Asia … a $100.00 ZWN would be the digital equivalent of $1.00 USN.

Translated into everyday layman’s terms, the Chinese Elders have decided to recognize the Sovereign Nation of Zimbabwe’s newly issued currency (ZWN) as 100x more valuable than that of the Republic of the United States’ currency (USN).

Now based on this ZWN theory, if say you were to receive and call an 800# tonight, set a redemption appointment for later Sunday, and ultimately presented a knockout international humanitarian project and job creation presentation to your Abbot Downing/Wells Fargo redemption team, they could in theory offer you their highest sovereign rate recommendation of maybe $10,000 (sovereign rates are 1,000x market rates but not shown on screens) during your two hour privately negotiated exchange (PNE) appointment.

And if this event were to occur, at least in theory, your possible net/net take home currency redemption value might look something like this:

1 x 100T ZIM note @ $10,000.00 USN = 4 Quintillion USN (4,000,000,000,000,000,000.00 USN)

10 x 100T ZIM notes @ $10,000.00 USN = 40 Quintillion USN (40,000,000,000,000,000,000.00 USN)

100 x 100T ZIM notes @ $10,000.00 USN = 400 Quintillion USN (400,000,000,000,000,000,000.00 USN)

1000 x 100T ZIM notes @ $10,000.00 USN = 4 Sextillion USN (4,000,000,000,000,000,000,000.00 USN)

Again, if this theory is in fact true, it would also stand to reason that your entire understanding of money and the position of the United States as a global economic leader would be immediately shattered forever.

And then potentially, the only way to complete your business–and stay in the moment–would be to completely surrender all your intellect and ego in favor of God before you accepted any privately negotiated exchange rate for your ZIM.  Why?  Because the is transaction of far beyond your pay grade… beyond humanity’s pay grade actually.

So step aside, and let the angels that surround you guide your decision making.  Meaning, if the Holy Spirit says take that amount… take it and don’t try and make sense out of it.  You’ll need it down the line.  But if the Holy Spirit says take something smaller, way smaller perhaps, its wise to take that because the full scope of this transaction is not meant to fulfill your soul’s covenant.

Either way, reduce the “logic” scrambling around in your head and listen for the quiet voice of God during at your redemption appointment.  “Going silent” inside will demonstrate that you have surrendered to His will above your own.  And continuously quieting your mind and asking for God’s quittance on all items and terms demonstrates that your heart is that of a true servant of the Lord.

This is what He wanted all along, He’s just using this one experience to invite you back into His loving and waiting arms.  Take the innovation and surrender to God’s will above your own.  As only by sincere and absolute surrender to God’s voice inside, His higher calling, His divine will and ancient wisdom… can any of us holding ZWN hope for short, medium or long-term survival knowledge given this theoretical massive amount of wealth.

So if you discern any truth from this “ZWN theory,” disregard all other posts and blogs you’ve read on the subject and surrender to God with me, now.  And please reconsider surrendering well before you call that 800# and make the biggest mistake of your life redeeming your ZIM at the highest possible rate.

Know it’s very brave to accept a smaller, more normal amount and go about about merry way with great joy.  As only 144,000 servants of the Most High can and will get to play and stay in Esu’s sacred monetary sandbox.

Forever Meek in Heart of Jesus Christ.