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Neil Keenan as part of his initiation as Amanah in former president of Indonesia Sukarno’s room

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The relentless battle continues for the ultimate end to worldwide, financial debt slavery.

In fact, it has exponentially heated up, as Neil Keenan and Group K are valiantly moving against this nefarious nemesis on the world stage, particularly in Indonesia.

In Neil Keenan, Indonesia has had a true Warrior fighting for them, Someone who will not quit, Someone who does not know how to quit; Someone who has unwaveringly put his life on the line time and time again to win this utmost critical, world-changing battle up until today.

For the purpose of updating and clarifying new / emerging information, we once again review significant past occurrences.

For further relevant historical detail please take the time to read The History & Events Timeline.

( Especially Section: 4.02 The 1944 Bretton Woods Agreement: Power Bloc Coup )

When the Bretton Woods Agreement was signed post WWII (1944), it brought in a new era of financial chicanery by what is known as the Deep State or the “Swamp”.

The cunning players involved arranged a new, corrupt financial system including the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), the World Bank and other financial institutions to launder, mirror and hypothecate assets.  This process also relied on the Vatican and the Bank of England in their corrupt attempts in deceiving the World with their fiat debt-slavery control programs.

They set up the Central (Reserve) Banking System to work within the already corrupt system and found ways to steal from the East (Indonesia) without breaking a sweat; that is, until Neil Keenan had notes entrusted to him in 2009 that eventually turned out to be stolen.

See the revealing link below containing a statement about the theft of the notes by a Senior European Agent that were given to Benjamin Fulford:

Statement of A Senior European Agent – About Daniele Dal Bosco, Giancarlo Bruno and The World Economic Forum

As you see in the above link, the theft of the highly important Federal Reserve Notes began when Benjamin Fulford introduced Neil to a very trusted Italian friend of his, Daniel Dal Bosco.

What Fulford failed to mention to Neil was that Dal Bosco was a Financial Adviser to the Vatican who was also the Secretary to Leo Zagami, the Prince and Illuminati boss of the Italian P2 Freemason Lodge.

Youtube image capture of Benjamin Fulford and Leo Zagami

After further discussions between Neil and Benjamin, the notes were turned over for safe-keeping to the Italian Dal Bosco who, in turn, verified the notes were securely placed into a Swiss Bank Account.

Having never been involved with either individual, Neil turned to Dr. Van de Meer who advised him that Benjamin should not ever be trusted nor should Neil be carrying any such valuable notes with him.

A short time after securing the Federal Reserve Notes, Neil and his friend Joe Bendana reached a deal with groups from Portugal, Spain and France for the leasing of the notes.

When Dal Bosco discovered the notes would soon be leaving his control, he decided his only option was to steal them which he abruptly and brazenly proceeded to do.

Then, a few days after the theft Benjamin Fulford left Japan to meet with Leo Zagami and others in Italy who advised Fulford they were in control of the notes.

After working out his take of the theft (a percentage of the deal), Fulford immediately returned to Japan, claiming he had been poisoned while in the tombs of St. Peter!

Since then, Benjamin Fulford has compromised his credibility in various ways, since it seems he has forgotten his own story of what took place during the thefts of the notes.

During this same time, Neil was moving on and exposing corruption in the UN as well as within the Italian Financial Police, the World Economic Forum, and the tycoon Italian PM Silvio Berlusconi among many others.

See Neil Keenans’ original Lawsuit filing here: Keenan Complaint 11-23-2011 Southern District of New York

If it had not been for this evil cabal we could have already started to enjoy the benefits of ground-breaking novel technology in 2010.

This was always the original intent of Neil and The Golden Dragon Family, to create a world where together we can all live in peace and harmony.

Neil with the honorable and authentic Count Albert

As reported in the intervening years, Neil Keenan and Group K have persisted in relentlessly fighting sinister Cabal corruption worldwide.

They have often succeeded in these surreptitious battles with many unreported outcomes for reasons of security, especially after numerous attempts on Neil’s life.

With Neil receiving critical and timely information from high-level, trusted sources, it now appears that the Cabal players are either on their last legs or are resurfacing in an attempt to begin a new high-tech era of debt slavery.

The Artificial Intelligence tools that they have implemented against humanity are way beyond imagination!

The only way to deal with such heinous criminality is to clearly vet it, and confront it head-on with unrelenting counter attacks.

We must push forward even if it is with our last breath in order for our families and children to survive. Only We The People can make this happen!

We are now revealing crucial information and photos provided to Neil by another Asian Insider (not the original Insider you have read in the past).

This person works with the Cabal and is deeply troubled and sickened after knowing about their ongoing plans to wipe out humanity and our planet.

He has had enough and wants to assist us in fighting back by exposing what just might be their latest and last Doomsday Plan.

Most recently, the Cabal quietly started to execute backup plans for their own salvation.

According to a March 12, 2019 article on Breitbart, entitled U.N. CHIEF HEADS TO WASHINGTON WITH SIMPLE PLEA: WE NEED YOUR MONEY, “Secretary-General Guterres’ aim is to secure additional funding after the U.S. capped its share and threw responsibility back on the rest of the world to step up and fill the void.”

The article further states, “In 2016, the U.S. paid more than 16 billion for the U.N., about one-fifth % of the total budget.”

U.N. Chief Heads to Washington with Simple Plea: We Need Your Money

Fortunately, President Trump was one step ahead by already pulling out of their “Poor Boy System” in which they hoped to maintain control.

Next stop… China for the UN’s current begging mission.

Maybe China will go for it, but the Chinese are not anybody’s fool with their overnight court system in which, if found guilty of a heinous crime, you may be executed.

Secondly, new secret meetings are now taking place to steal the entire Global Accounts.

Once again, after hi-jacking the system twice since the inauguration of the Bretton Woods Agreement in 1944 / 1994, they are about to attempt to make it three in a row with a cunning twist.

Even while fully aware that we are watching the Western Nations’ involvement in their past swindles, they are now applying different means to get to the Assets illegally.

Fat chance of that with a new Marshall in town!

They have implemented new groups of players to quietly sneak through the cracks in the system, draw up new corrupt financial papers, and again make claim to the Eastern Assets.

It’s apparent that this is a continuous effort on the Cabal’s behalf, especially once they themselves fall into arrears and, thus, become desperate.

Remember, desperate people take desperate measures, and they may be on their last effort so they will be careless and reckless… Be careful!

It is not just the UN in trouble, but it is the entire “New World Order” (NWO) referenced by George H. W. Bush Senior. ( The original Bush (Scherf) family is not even American, but rather, German Nazis! )

In 1992, George H. W. Bush Sr. and his cronies publicly mentioned the NWO which as the informed are aware, constitutes the nefarious intent to control not only the human population of the planet, but also to totally control the world’s financial system, through their fraudulent international financial agreements – most especially the Bretton Woods Agreement, for which the Cabal must be so grateful!

Again, this deeply flawed agreement brought with it the IMF, BIS, and World Bank which ensured the entire new Western Financial System was to be controlled by corrupt and perverted Oligarchs.

Nevertheless, it perfectly set up the Fiat Banking period in which they usurped the peoples’ funds while simultaneously funding Europe’s interests.

Fiat currencies or IOU’s are simply worthless pieces of paper or electronically created funds with no real substantial value (or backing) of any kind, yet are cleverly passed off as asset-backed “real” currencies.

Their job was and continues to be the destruction of the US economy and the World’s economies!

Such a few people… only 1% – to take down 99% of the planet’s population!

How can such a thing happen? It could happen only if we had not opened our eyes in time, but we have… which is making ALL the difference!

Finally, this scurrilous Cabal has a real fight on their hands!

This crucial battle also includes their controlled minions within the American Congress, including the Millennials and the Democrat Party as well as the globalist RINOS and Neo-Cons, the US Chamber of Commerce, and other powerful lobbyists.

We must confront their malevolent lies and sick propaganda head on, while also addressing the corrupt politicians; tossing them out of office. They are useless mouthpieces and a danger to We The People!

Soon after President Trump was elected, he awakened some of the people to what was really going on, whereby they began to gradually see the many wrongs that had been committed. Now it stinks to the high heavens!

At least, we may acknowledge an authentic “Heaven” despite the fact the Cabal wanted us to worship Satan and drink babies’ blood. How sick can they be?

There is so much more to this sordid behavior if you continue doing your own research, no one is safe!

Returning to the present moment, Neil asks:

“Please do not expect me to ever again climb a mountain! I wouldn’t have even done it at 18, but, as you know, I’ve already done it. To be honest, I did it for all of us. I had to get up there and verify for myself what was real or not.

What I found were profound mystical experiences as well as confirmation that the bunkers are real. In addition, it became clear that we definitely need large, heavy duty equipment to open and work within them.”

See also: Bringing It All Together – The Time Has Now Come

Moving away from the mountains, white cobras, monkeys, and pythons, we return once again to the Cabal’s current plans to steal the Assets from the Global Accounts.

To those in the know, it’s blatantly clear that they are doing what they had been planning on doing for hundreds of years: they once again are attempting to steal from the East… from Indonesia and other areas of Asia.

The recent Vietnam Summit was just a political show with back-door financial skull-duggery. Most of Asia was left feeling disappointed, as the least they expected was the official end of the Korean War.

South Korea is now ready to move on from the Cabal despite the last two Elders, Chairman Jong Su Lee (living in the US) and Chairman Hwang (living in London).

Another area to take notice of is that there are five International Reserve Depository Banks (IRDB) that were established in 2005.

These are located in the state of Montana, and some of these banks are on Indian Reservations.

Park-Chung illegally moved two bunkers from South Korea with an estimated value to the “tune” of 26 Trillion USD.

How much “high strangeness” does it take to notice these unusual business transactions and to put the unusual puzzle pieces together?

World Bank Governor Kim Young is very excited in knowing that he will reside in Montana upon his retirement… which leads to the pressing question – Why?

Answer: Follow the Money!

How did these assets get into the U.S. without the approval of the Fed, U.S. Treasury, or even notification to POTUS or Congress?

Is this a bailout that will enslave American taxpayers for generations to come?

What’s more, THESE ASSETS DO NOT BELONG TO THEM! These are stolen Assets! They belong to the original Depositors of the Global Accounts under the sole Trusteeship of the AMANAH, Neil Keenan. These Assets need to be returned immediately!

Pictured below is Dennis Lambert, the Chairman of the IRDB:

Dennis Lambert – Chairman – International Reserve Depository Bank
Wonju, Gangwon-do, Korea – International Reserve Depository Bank
Group Chairman at IRDB HONG KONG. Location: Wonju, Gangwon-do, Korea; Industry: Financial Services. Current. International Reserve Depository Bank .

In his own words, Chairman Lambert describes his business acumen world-wide as well as in Montana:

“It was through my travels that I saw a unique opportunity to bring international investors and Indian Country together; subsequently establishing and becoming the President of the first foreign capital depository, Glacier International Depository (GID) Ltd., which was chartered under the Blackfeet Nation in Montana.

Due to circumstances beyond my control and to protect investors; I made a difficult decision to resign from GID. I then went to work for the Native American Energy Group, Inc, where I served as the Director of Oil and Gas Exploration.

However, because of its vast potential and the benefits it derived for Native people and potential investors alike; I used this time to work out the kinks, and learning from my GID experience, I established the International Reserve Depository Bank (IRDB) in 2005, and in 2016 I established International Reserve Depository Institute (IRDI) where I serve as Chairman of the Board.

IRDB is chartered under the authority of the Fort Belknap Indian Nation and IRDI is chartered under the authority of the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians and is a successful international depository banking model. My companies are depicted in , and”

Below are photos of local IRDB banks in Montana;

The group photo below shows Lambert, the Korean gang and a spokesperson for many Indian Affairs projects.

So it appears that they would try to rope Native Americans in and use the sovereignty of Indian Nations and lands for legal protection.

This generation of Indians got smart and are no longer just selling duty-free booze and cigarettes or setting up casinos.

Unfortunately, they can be conned into financial deals like these by shysters with promises that fog over greed.

Changes have been made in South Korea with the descendants of the Elders now serving as the designated managers of the bunkers, as appointed by the government or regime.

In the past, each President operated their own private organization in which they used their power to loot most of the bunkers’ Accounts / Assets.

In addition, the private organizations of each former regime are now at war with the government appointed managers.

Former Secretary General of the UN, Ban Ki-moon‘s private organization, not to be forgotten, is also fighting against the officially appointed managers by associating and working with the corrupt past governments’ private groups.

When the bunkers in Indonesia are opened, the so-called “war” described above will be over!

Through the honorable efforts of the Sultan of Solo in assisting Neil Keenan to become the respected Amanah, many well-deserved and beneficial changes are soon coming to Indonesia and South Korea as a result.

For some time Neil has kept his finger on the pulse in both Indonesia and South Korea, while he has done all he can along with trusted local individuals to protect those Accounts, thus ensuring each country will no longer be fleeced by the West.

After being exposed publicly, many other foreign officials have already landed in jail or have retired. Many attempted to rid themselves of their biggest pest… Neil Keenan… but to no avail!

Currently, we are stronger than ever, moving with increased efficiency; and we know who “they” are, especially those who created the tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, chemtrails, and other harmful methods of attack on humanity.

We are well aware of what they are plotting now, so we are moving to block these brazen attacks.

We also have lists of names and locations of where the chemtrail pilots are – so they can be dealt with properly and legally. Justice will be served!

On another topic; many people are talking about the amazing new healing technologies, especially the Bio-Resonance Therapy (BRT) or “Healing Computers”.

Greg Donald has given us an amazing testimonial about the BRT. His friends Colin and the Coon also know what it does for you. Their manager Vincent keeps them in line, since the BRT is only available to a few at this time.

Speaking of the ‘Healing Computer’ technology, it is doing greater things now than ever before.

Imagine someone paralyzed from the waist down for seven years getting up and walking after one month of using this machine!

It has also shrunken a man’s brain tumors to the point they no longer exist. He had been earlier diagnosed as terminal with a short time to live. These results never cease to amaze us.

Neil prays that his Irish buddy and his friend put their computer to good use shortly, and that soon their medical problems will go away permanently. It would be great having them around for the next thirty years or more.

In closing and to reiterate earlier statements, the United Nations is dying a financial death along with the IMF, World Bank, Vatican, Bank of England, BIS and many other banking institutions.

Their latest devious plan is to once again rape the Global Accounts by mirroring them, but this time they will find the Amanah, Neil Keenan and his trusted minions standing in their way! Count on it!

In the past Neil has fought them from a distance. Now, however, it will be right up close and personal (where Neil really excels!) in confronting their ongoing greedy, criminal activities!

Neil and his team will prevent them from further stealing what never belonged to them to begin with.

Before they had little or no opposition; now they do!

For further relevant historical detail please take the time to read The History & Events Timeline.

Currently, it appears that ex-Canadian Finance Minster Mark Carney will be heading their attacks. He’d best be sure that he can handle the heat, because justice is nipping at his heels right now.

In addition, there’s some tomfoolery taking place with very foolish individuals acting as though the Accounts belong to them.

Even members of past organizations, such as OPPT and Swiss Indo, have jumped back in the arena hoping to catch some of the spoils!

Below you will see a picture in which some of these individuals are bowing to a man who falsely claims to own the specialized computers containing the Black Screens.

The Cons bowing to the Con Man

Take a good look at the photo and notice the OPPT / Swiss Indo followers:

The above is a group photo after signing

The picture further below shows the contents of the gold contract and transaction between the United Nations Treasury Secretary and the National Grand Master General, Ms. Su Honglian and the Governor of the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC), the Governor of the Bank of England and the President and some staff of the Royal Dutch Bank.

Not one of the above mentioned had any business signing a contract pertaining to any of the gold that relates to any trust under the purview of the Amanah, Neil Keenan.

Ms. Su is but a trustee that now comes under the authority of the Amanah as agreed by the depositing Asian families.

She had no authority to sign this or any contract with anyone without the permission of the Amanah.

This is once again an attempted theft of the Global Accounts by the West and their associate bankers and the Amanah is advising all of you now that this contract is null and void and he will be seeing you in international court.

In the two photos above are some of the cons from Sedona, AZ. who were bowing to the con man

These same people were once tied to OPPT and Swiss Indo.

They are again failing at an attempt to forge a contract to steal the assets.

(The irony here is that one of these criminals is providing The Amanah, Neil Keenan, with all of their necessary information!)

The Con Man Loh Han Chuan whom they were bowing to

The Con Man’s Passport

Some time ago the authentic Count Albert (now deceased) of the Golden Dragon Family wisely cautioned Neil to stay far away from this same man.

He is not what he claims himself to be! As Neil continues to move forward with the strength of the Amanah, he’s considering a request for immediate arrest warrants against them all.

Benjamin Fulford’s fake ‘Count Albert’ and his Con-Associate Thomas Lennon

Vatican Hustle: Con Men No Longer Welcome in the Holy See

Below is a cautionary advisory to any corrupt Elders or anyone else watching the Accounts who may consider stealing in any way.

This is always what has happened to those who did not heed the warnings of the Cabal. 

The individuals above did not listen to the Cabal. Now the Cabal had better start listening to the Amanah.

After taking a necessary break, quality time for further reviewing and adjusting his plans, Neil is now ready to return to Indonesia to complete his mission there along with his most trusted allies.

Unfortunately, this beautiful country has tragically bore the brunt of the Cabal’s relentless attacks by not releasing the gold that former Secretary of State John Kerry blatantly demanded in the past.

Despite their recent heavy losses from the tsunamis, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, it is certain that the heart and soul of Indonesia and its people will rise again and return it to its best form ever!

We send our prayers and deep respect for all those people who lost their lives.

They will not be forgotten, and Indonesia will become the Jewel of Southeast Asia.

Neil Keenan and Group K



All are for easy listening after reading and listening to the amount of theft taking place on our planet. This is an offering to help everyone relax, sing easy and rest their heads.

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