1 Decode, 2 QProofs: 🍿

-Decode: Suicide Weekend!

It appears as though the Ex-Olympic Gymnastics Coach has committed suicide, after being involved in 24 charges including human trafficking, just earlier today.

Q Drop 1933 was posted on Aug 26, 2018. It states:
Suicide Weekend.

The time from Aug 26, 2018 to today Feb 25, 2021 is 915 days.
915 days = 2 years, 6 months
2 years, 6 months = 30 months.
30 months = [30].

Tying back to Q Drop 1933.


-QProof: We Are With You!

George News and Richard Grenell both just used the phrase, “We are with you”, which is a phrase coined by Q. Interestingly, the Q Drop number under which this is posted by Q, is 555. (55 loud and clear comms).

-QProof: Seventeen!

De Faakto Intelligence Research Observatory tweeeted “Seventeen” airmen transfer to Space Force. 17 = Q.

Panic in DC.
The Best Is Yet To Come!