Psychenauts in Canada’s Secret Space Program

Submitted to Operation Disclosure | By AK

To study alternate cosmology one needs a theocentric rather than geocentric or heliocentric model. As medieval scholars said, theology is the queen of the sciences. The last two chapters of Revelation give an alternate cosmology in contrast to the conventional ones which are mainly geocentric v heliocentric. St John says he saw a new heaven and a new earth because the previous ones had passed away. Do we understand then that the wrath of God has taken its course against both heaven (at least on the lower level) and earth because both have become too rotten in some way and beyond reform?

As I stated already, I understand about 10-20% of the particulars in Revelation. Am I correct then to imagine that God has manifested Himself as an ambient light to light up a city which descends from above, having eliminated the original sun and moon? Am I correct to imagine that God has also manifested Himself in this new cosmology as a “bright and morning star”? Or would that make me a New Age heretic as Xulon calls me? Yet how does anyone understand the various descriptions of God in Revelation as a TE or Transformational Entity (Salla wording from a 2017 Top Secret Majestic Report)? Do we say it is New Age heresy to imagine that God the Messiah has become a TE on “The Road To Damascus”, seen by Saul/Paul and company as a light (orb?) with voice. Do we say WHAT is the light in the Genesis “Fiat Lux” or WHO is that light? Who is the light in John Ch 1 who shines in the darkness which does not comprehend? What does Dr Charles Hall, a light physicist and friend of LMH say? Could light, like an orb or simulated sun possibly be an intelligence? As you will read below there is a man in Vancouver who seems to have proof that the light orb phenomenon has social intelligence and NASA is taking him seriously. Or is that a cosmological peeping tom outside the balconey of his apartment?

The following is a space probe in Canada’s SSP (Secret Space Program) based on the psychophysics theory that inner space carries all possibilities and therefore is logically a way of exploring everything in outer space. If Bruce in Montreal uses his telescope and sees an anomalous object on the Moon as seems to happen quite often and I see the same object as a psychenaut exploring inner space, then it is the same object by definition. If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck etc. Of course some experiments fail and some space rockets blow up or go off course.

SSP Test

I studied the UN Flat Earth map of the UN’s inner gulags (UN logo) on the ASSUMPTION (not certainty) that we live under a dome rather than on one. I could then orient my body in a relaxed state to a ring magnet Great Perimeter and its POLES (plural). The present North Pole (Canadian postal code HOH OHO) is the Central Pole and the Perimeter has N,S,E and W poles. Is this the Multi-Poley World President Yeltysin had called for when the Iron Curtain came down as an alternative to the New World Order? So far I have seen UAPs (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) near the East Pole and West Pole. At the West Pole I imaged/imagined a strange grey sky (no clouds but a grey colour I have not seen here) and when I “zoomed” in on it I found a flat platform with a control center on top. It seemed to be controlling agricultural workers below in a lowland or delta region. There were guards at the entrance and I saw one quite clearly. Then the door opened and a long stairway/ramp leading to ________________ (the rest is cosmological top secret). At the East Pole I saw orange and yellow simulated suns. Like the platform they were not flying and hence not UFOs. They seemed to be parked and I wondered if they were made at this colony. Now if there are any other psychenauts out there we can compare notes. Also there are details on the people who live there … the Poleys of course. Every Canadian is a psychenaut just as every Canadian is CIA (Canadian Intelligence Agency). You can see EVERYWHERE (like Bruce in Montreal) without having to go ANYWHERE.


Check the WWW of Mega Lasers UK. In the final analysis, lasers will settle the matter and tell everyone if a nice catholic boy like me has wasted his time in dreamland. If a laser with a range of 20 miles really can be purchased for $100 and will pop a balloon at that range as stated, then the whole FE v SE battle is almost over. Jeran, Skiba, Sargent and other Flat Earthers can invite Mr Bergoglio to Harrison Lake for a duel. Bergie parks his Popemobile and looks out the window from the luxurious Hot Springs Hotel toward Echo Island 11 miles away. Jeran et al are on the shore at Echo. Both sides have balloons (or apples) on their heads and both sides have $100 lasers.

The rules of engagement are that both sides can fire away at the balloon/apple targets 11 miles away but Jeran et al get the first round of shots. There will be shaky hands and misses. If there is a water arc as the sphere earth model says, Bergie is in no danger. If earth is flat (or flattish, allowing for planes, hills etc) then Bergie and his fake Magisterium will sadly go to the place where liars go as stated with 100% clarity several times in the last two chapters of Revelation.

According to Catholic Catechism, p 801, Bergie and his Magisterium stand on de fides doctrine which says to PROVE/TEST ALL THINGS. What part of the word ALL do we not understand? They know with 100% de fides certainty already by looking across the Mediterranean to Italy, Spain and Greece, that there is no arc. And what about those reports from Egypt 2,000 years ago that people in Greece and Italy could sometimes see the LIGHT FROM THE ALEXANDRIA LIGHTHOUSE IN ITALY AND GREECE? Those were the days when the scroll of St John was on the Cairo Best Seller List and a toga-clad St John was autographing scrolls, basking in the praise and answering questions at the Alexandria popular authors day. Didn’t Josh McDowell say in his 6,000,000+ best seller “Evidence That Demands A Verdict” that despite the persecution, the Bible was the best seller in that part of the world? Scroll by scroll.


Of course anybody who sees orbs is a New Age heretic or a wackydoodle according to Bible truthers (who never have what it takes to talk about such matters online in an honest Q-A). Ask Camelot’s psychiatry consultant at the next panel show. And the particle physicist in Vancouver who gets millions of dollars in grants from the Science Ministry to develop contained fusion balls or simulated suns is pulling a hoax though some might expect him to succeed and future generations to have control over these as my imagination allowed at the East Pole. Free ranging plasmas in future or advanced science might also be telerobotically controlled and as the controls are lessened they become autonomous AI – Alife forms. All New Age heresy. There could not possibly be a literal, actual “Angel Standing In The Sun” in Revelation.

Which then is Charles Lamoureux who has 22 subscribers to his You Tube channel? Why would a NASA engineer spend time with him, taking him as a serious and honest experiencer, telling Charles what he in turn knows about ORB SCIENCE (lights, plasmas, holograms)? Amazingly telling Charles also what NASA knows in advanced physics theory about the composition of the human body which leads right into the NASA SSP. According to that You Tube with the exact dialogue being read, NASA man got a demotion apparently for saying too much. Plug in two words on your You Tube search engine: ORBS VANCOUVER. Charles has also been on X Zone from Hamilton.

Watch the skies as Mr MBB would say. Charles did. And the skies watched back. The orbs visited and responded to him in a way which was revealing of social intelligence. As an aside on sky watching, CCrow777 has a You Tube showing an orb flying into a chemtrail and releasing two rounds of something. I guess the chemtrails did the job of frying brains and creating the usual American Zombie Food but the Draco bosses of NASA forgot the meat tenderizer. Thank God for the TRUE NORTH, STRONG AND FREE!


The origin of the NASA Psychenaut Program is suggested in the text, “Psychic Exploration” by astronaut Edgar Mitchell. I also recommend Stanley Krippner’s text, Human Possibilities. Krippner coins a useful neologism which is “Suggestology”. Combine suggestology/hypnosis, some MKULTRA-prescribed psychedelics and other potent drugs and what do you get? A psychenaut program as astronot John Lavine on LMH described in other words.

“YOU CAN SEE EVERYWHERE WITHOUT HAVING TO GO ANYWHERE” – Agent Nappy Ho’s fortune cookie from the Wicked Wok Restaurant in Deepest, Darkest Stanley Park.