Source: Someones Bones

On Monday, Russian President Vladimir Putin received an unexpected letter authored by Vatican Secretary of State Pietro Parolin. Signed by Pope Francis and bearing an imprint of the Pontiff’s Holy Seal, the correspondence commanded Putin to immediately cease and desist all hostile actions against Anunnaki across the globe, says former KGB agent Strelnikov Isaac Stepanovich.

For nearly two years, Putin has waged a clandestine war on the extraterrestrials, committing billions of rubles toward the development of anti-Anunnaki defense technologies. Russian Special Services have skirmished with Anunnaki invaders in Russia, Syria, Afghanistan, Crimea, the Ukraine, and Yemen; while the Anunnaki soundly won most battles, Russian forces did eke out two victories and on three occasions fought the aliens to a stalemate.

“Over 700 brave Russians have fallen to these creatures. We will not stop now just because the Pope says so. These monsters kidnap, kill, and eat us. Putin was outraged because the context of the letter suggested the Anunnaki are our friends. Absurd,” Stepanovich said.

The letter described the Anunnaki as a benevolent race of heavenly beings who had come in peace until Putin unilaterally declared war on them. The Anunnaki would have given us great gifts, the letter went on, had you [Putin] not provoked their wrath. The Anunnaki, Pope Francis wrote, were clearly victims of Russian aggression, and placed the onus on Putin to deescalate the crisis by standing down and possibly sacrificing himself to the Anunnaki as a sign of good faith. Either that or stand in God’s judgement.

“I’m sure Putin laughed and snickered. Parolin may have written the letter, but he was using the Pope’s words. To Putin, the Pope is nothing but a worm. No matter what the Pope believes, Russian intelligence has proved these parasites are not nice, and they are not our friends. They fight us on the battlefield while insinuating themselves into worldly positions of political power,” Stepanovich said.

He added Putin now believes that the Anunnaki have infiltrated Vatican City and that Pope Francis is aiding their quest for world domination. If true, Vatican City may be a new Anunnaki stronghold, with legions of villainous ETs lurking in the Roman catacombs.

“If the Pope convinces the world the Anunnaki are our friends, it weakens us. They will pluck us like grapes from a stem. Putin knows this,” Stepanovich said.

Stepanovich said he does know if Putin formally replied to the Pope, but finds it highly unlikely Putin will waste valuable time communicating with the enemy. Putin will not bow to the Anunnaki, and most certainly will not kneel before a religious puppet that has subverted the tenets of Catholicism, he said.

Meanwhile, Russian forces remain on high alert for signs of Anunnaki incursions. According to Stepanovich, Putin’s anti-Anunnaki defense force is now over five thousand men strong, and each soldier has sworn an oath to never cower when squared off against an Anunnaki. Moreover, recent advances in energy and acoustic weapons have proved moderately effective against alien defenses.

“Every day our odds at defeating the alien scourge get a little better. As for the Pope, until this he wasn’t even on Putin’s radar. Now, the Pope has a new enemy,” Stepanovich said.