The Other Side of The Law

Source: Paul Stramer | By Anna Von Reitz

There has to be hard, logical, provable evidence present to back a conviction.

People are tried in courts of law, not in the tabloids.

Responsible members of society stand for these and other basic principles that help to guarantee justice for everyone.

We do not marginalize actual rape victims by calling groping without penetration “rape”.

We don’t hold witnesses to real crimes guiltless when they fail to report.

People who don’t report crimes at the time they happen are accomplices to them.

Anyone who admits to willingly and repeatedly going to ten rape parties is either a willing participant or an accomplice — and either way, I in no way, shape or form consider such people “victims”.

I consider them accomplice criminals and perverters of justice who grossly failed their most basic social responsibility to report crime–if any crime actually exists. And if it doesn’t, what are we wasting time for?

These women disgust me and I would not entertain any complaints from them in my Court for more than ten minutes. Tell that to Chuck Schumer.

These irresponsible women either (a) stood by and let other women be date raped and gang raped and otherwise abused and said and did nothing to prevent it or (b) nothing actually happened amounting to a crime or non-consensual under age sex, in which case they are doing nothing but telling Big, Fat, Grossly Irresponsible Lies.

Take your pick.

I would have them and their lawyers for breakfast and Chuck and Diane for afternoon lunch in my courtroom. They’d all get a lecture they would not likely forget. And this nonsense would end right smart quick.

Send me to Washington and see how fast all this bleeding heart nonsense lasts and how many of these actual criminals get moddle-coddled as “victims”.

I will take their lawyers to task and rub all their noses in actual crimes and show them what actual rape looks like and when I am done I will kick these sorry excuses so hard to the curb they might for once in their lives have actual bruises.

Wah-wah-wah-wah and a wah-wah to all these useless, mindless, self-absorbed irresponsible “victims” who either (a) didn’t care enough about themselves or anyone else to report the crimes 30 years ago or (b) are just callously making up politically motivated hokum to harm a good man who doesn’t share their political ideology and his wife and his family.

I think we DO need to get to the bottom of this. REALLY get to the bottom of it. As a nation we owe it to ourselves to prosecute these women for failure to report — because if there is anything to it, they stood by and let a lot of innocent girls suffer, and if there isn’t anything to it, they are guilty of libel and slander and false accusations and should be brought to task for that, too,

Hard? You bet I am. All my logic circuits still function. Too bad that the members of the Territorial United States Congress can’t say the same.


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