Muslim Students DEMAND Prayer In Classroom…Get BRUTAL Reality Check!

The Left likes to talk about their desire to end bigotry and intolerance by bringing disparate ethnic and religious groups together.

But the reality is that they care nothing about tolerance or equality, just the supremacy of leftist ideology.

One of the ways they push their pathetic beliefs is by breaking up people into as many groups as possible, so they can then pander to that specific group.

The prime example of this can be seen with their treatment of Muslims.

While liberals claim that Christians and conservatives are radicals with backward beliefs, they actually support Islamic doctrine which is everything that they claim they oppose.

As reported by the US Herald, because of liberal’s soft stance on Islam, Muslims throughout the world have begun aggressively pursuing their agendas and clamoring for special rights in Western countries.

Muslims are especially whining about their treatment in Germany.

Recently, at a Berlin high schools, Muslim students were demanding they be allowed to pray and practice religious rights in the classroom.

German newspaper Der Westen reports that Muslim students began loudly praying in large groups and washing their feet and other extremities on the property during class hours.

But a brave principal took a stand against their indifference to the German natives.

Headmistress Christiane Genschel sent out a letter to every student at the school saying that provocative” and “visible” prayer and “ablution,” the ritual Muslim washing, is immediately banned on school grounds.

This is a very brave and bold stance considering the poisonous, politically correct cowardice that has infected the German nation.

They have bent over backward for Muslims, letting over a million in during the past year.

In Germany, simply stating you’re against such large-scale immigration can land you in jail, because they have no free speech laws and punish those who express views that don’t align with established leftist orthodoxy.

Surprisingly, the district government has stood behind Genschel’s decision.

The prohibition of prayer in a provocative way in public schools is to promote peaceful coexistence and secure the peace of the school,” said Dagmar Gross, spokeswoman for the local government in Düsseldorf.

Maybe, just maybe, the Germans are beginning to wake up to the leftist subversion taking place in their country.

Liberals have been actively sowing the seeds of the nation’s destruction for some time by inviting in millions of would-be Muslim conquerors.

Hopefully, German students will be emboldened to stand up for themselves and their German heritage now that they have seen a person with such authority do so.

It’s far past time for them to fight and reclaim their once great country from the hands of the leftists that would see them be overrun by the third world.

Source: US Herald