Judicial Insanity Explodes In America After Courts Rule Girl-Baby Sex Organs Can Be Mutilated

Submitted to Operation Disclosure | By Thinker2

Judicial Tyranny:

BAR = British Accreditation Registry (Law Society)

Every Attorney, Judge, Lawmaker are members of the BAR. The Temple BAR is headquartered in the City of London (not to be confused with United Kingdom). The Temple BAR is a Corporation. The City of London is a separate City State (Independent Nation State) like the Vatican. The Queen of England must get permission to enter the City of London (Banking Capital of the World).

All members of the BAR are Foreign Agents (Occupiers). They hire Mercenaries; we call these Mercenaries “Law Enforcement” (Police).

When faced with the decision of betraying the BAR or their Clients, they will always choose to protect the BAR, because there is only one BAR, and millions of Clients to deceive. The BAR can take away their BAR Card, but the BAR will never defend their Clients against the BAR.

The business of the Law Society is to resolve Conflict. Without Conflict, the BAR is out of business. There is no incentive for the BAR to promote or keep the peace. Peace will end the criminal enterprise of the BAR.

The Law Society creates as much conflict as they possibly can with Colorable Law (Legal System). God makes Law; man makes Legal Fiction (Colorable Law). Codes, Acts, and Statutes are not Law; they are Colorable Law (fiction). When Codes, Acts, or Statutes violate Common Law it is Unlawful / Illegal. When Colorable Law violates the Golden Rule (Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you.) that Colorable Law is FRAUD! No man can be compelled (forced) to participate in a Scheme (Colorable Law).

Procedure is used to circumvent (avoid) Common Law. When Police follow procedure, they are deceived into ignoring Common Law, and ultimately violate the Golden Rule and Peace.

This is why your documents put your name in all upper case “JOHN DOE”. JOHN DOE is the name of a corporation, corpse, prisoner of war, or slave. They are not referring to you the man; they are referring to the corporation (fiction) with the same spelling, different style. They have deceived you into thinking you are the “person” on the documents. You are not. You are a real man / woman, not Legal Fiction. You have a “given” and “family” name, not the FIRST and LAST names of a Fictional Corporation. All documents represent a fiction, because reality needs no documentation. Fiction requires documentation, because it has no other standing.

Why would a Judge need a license (BAR Card) to have integrity or be honorable? (Because honor and integrity defy the corruption of the BAR.) When a Judge is truly honorable (defying the BAR), he will have his License revoked. One can not serve both corruption and integrity. Promoting corruption while masquerading as indignity required deception in the form of documentation and procedure, it’s all fraud.

If you find yourself in a Colorable (Pretend) Court consider any of these remedies:

  1. I do not consent (Your presence in court implies consent). I claim Common Law jurisdiction and relinquish the benefits (In a Colorable Court “punishment” is considered a benefit).
  2. Am I entitled to a fair trial? (If the judge has a conflict of interest like the BAR / profit, you can’t get a fair trial.)
  3. Whose name is on the summons? (JOHN DOE is not a live man. Show your Certificate of Live Birth.)
  4. No man can be compelled to participate in a scheme. (The DMV has altered your name to JOHN DOE without informed consent.)
  5. A Judge in wizard’s robes, aboard a dry-docked ship, summonsing the dead is completely and totally out of his mind (incompetent).
  6. When the IRS prosecutes, they use SS card, Drivers License, Pass Port none of witch represent a live man, so don’t claim them as yours. JOHN DOE is a corpse. Be ware; your bank account is in the name of that corpse.
  7. Who or What are Judges summonsing? (A live man or fictional corpse. The court has no jurisdiction over the living, only fiction.)
  8. If the Judge leaves the court room; declare “man overboard” and dismiss the charges with full estoppel.

Bare in mind that at the time of this publication; there are no honorable Courts to obtain remedy against agents of the Colorable Occupation of America. Where do you go for remedy in a corrupt Legal monopoly?

The Ultimate “Narrative”



The Legal System and Colorable Law hold the Ultimate Narrative (deception):

Some men and women believe they are something other than men and women. Are you a Doctor, Lawyer, Attorney, Judge, Manager, CEO, Architect, Policeman, Fireman, etc? Does your position give you permission to look down on your fellow man? No policeman came out of his mother’s womb in blue uniform with a badge and gun. No Doctor with a stethoscope around his neck. No judge with a gavel in his hand. Do you have a diploma, a Certificate of Authenticity; proof you are superior to your fellow man?

Arsenic and Old Lace (1944) – Uncle Teddy “Roosevelt”

If you think you are a judge, policeman, or other title of authority; you are as insane as Uncle Teddy, because all men are created equal and remain so until death. Any and all superiority is pure insanity, but this insanity is reinforced by Colorable Law (Legal Fiction / Make Believe). The lunatics are running the asylum. This is precisely what L. Frank Baum was trying to tell us with The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. When Miss. Gulch can take Toto from Dorothy when the dog has done “No Harm” the lunatics are in control of the Narrative. “Toto, we’re not in Kansas any more.” Toto and Dorothy are in The State of Kansas (Corporation) Fantasy Land (Munchkin Land).

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA = Corporation (Fiction)
united states for America = Geographical Area (Reality)

STATE OF ARAZONA = Corporation (1877) (Fiction)
Arizona = state of the union (1912) Geographical Area (Reality)

Notice that the corporation was established 12 years after the Civil War, and 35 years before joining the union.

The American Civil War abolished Private slavery, not Corporate slavery (Banking / Debt / Slavery).

CITY OF PHOENIX = Corporation (Fiction)
Phoenix = Geographical Aria (Reality)

When you change the style of the word “united” from lower case to upper case, it is changed from an adjective to a noun (name).

There are three domains of Law:

God’s Law (Natural Law):
Only God makes men and women, cats and dogs, apples and oranges, gravity and electricity. God’s Law rains supreme with no Armey or force of arms to maintain authority.

Common Law:
The Golden Rule (Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.) Equality is the second domain of Law. “EQUAL JUSTICE UNDER LAW” is paramount!

Colorable Law:
All other Codes, Acts, and Statutes are Colorable Law and totally and completely subordinate to the first two forms of Law. Unfortunately the lunatics who practice and enforce Law have for their own convenience; obscured and forgotten this fact. This fact robs them of their assumed NARITIVE that they are the Law; that they are Superior.

Lunatics can argue with the Law, but they can never prevail as long as the truth of Law is told.

God makes Law, man makes Fiction.

Civil Law v. Common Law

Some of the Problems about Bureaucrasy; Magic, witches, gins & spirit world;

The Law in witch the people are required to ask permission of government is called COLORABLE (Civil Law).

Colorable Law is like the Rules for playing a party game; they are made for playing the game called Government.

A game with pretend characters like: Doctor, Attorney, Judge, Police, Fireman, Driver, Governor, Mayer, Congressman, etc.

To be a game character you need a License or Title such as; Birth Certificate, Drivers License, Diploma, Appointment, etc. These are Certificates of Authenticity (Fake / Pretend). No one needs a piece of paper to live on this planet, only to play Government.

They are pretend, because no man was born as anything other than a man or woman.

Look up the word License and you will find the word Licentious (Having little regard for accepted rules or standards.)

“Every time a Doctor cures a patient, he loses a customer.” – Unknown

A Doctor has License from Government to treat / practice using POISON on his patients (medicine poisons enzyme systems).

Govern-ment = Govern-mentis (Latin) = Govern-(mind, thought, thinking, belief) = Mind-control

Anarchy is the absence of Mind-control, not a call for lawlessness. (free your mind and your body will follow)

In Civil Law you are not a man or woman, you are a person, driver, resident, passenger, tax payer, registered voter, enemy combatant, etc.

Civil Rights is an oxymoron; we have only privileges in Civil Law, because the same source (man) that gave us privileges can take them away.

Our Rights are given by God and no man has the authority to overrule God. This illustrates why Government wants to eliminate God. Government wants a monopoly on Law, Freedom, and Slavery.

The Law of rights and freedoms is called Common Law. Common Law is founded on these phrases:

“Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets.” – Rabbi Carpenter Yahshua (Jesus) (Matthew 7:12 – KJV)

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” – The Golden Rule


“All men are created equal.” – U.S. Constitution

“Love one another.” – Yahshua (Jesus)

“Do no harm.” – Unknown

Do not harm people, do not damage property, do not engage in fraud or mischief; are the rules in the game called Freedom.

The first phrase is what makes America a “Christian Nation”. If the Law was from the Torah or Quran, America would not be “Christian”. (Christian is in quotes because Yahshua never taught from the King James Bible, he taught The Way or Tao.)

When Colorable Law harms people it is a violation of Common Law, it is Fraud. This is why the Federal Reserve Notes are Unlawful Counterfeiting and Fraud. Bank Foreclosures, Debtors Prison, Bankruptcy, Usury, and all other schemes are unlawful.

Break the rules of Common Law and you will receive the Karmic consequences. Karma is not what you have been told. Karma is immediate and automatic. Like putting your hand on a hot stove, the burn is not a “punishment” it is the consequence of your actions, of violating God’s Natural Law. Be a thief, and you get the paranoia, fear, mind of a thief. Be a murderer, and you get the paranoia, fear, mind, psychopathy of a murderer. These consequences (Karma) are instantaneous and automatic, no trial, opinion, or judgment is required, because it is the will of The Creator, not man’s fiction (game).

Karma is the reason Corporations use people to harm other people. The founders and share holders are not the ones harming people; they are the ones deceiving others into violating the Law of Karma. It is the police who harm the people and eventually commit suicide or other acts of violence which destroy the lives of police and their families. The BAR deceives Attorneys and Judges into betraying there fellow Americans. The trick of the Elite is to get someone else to harm others for profit. This does not make Elites immune from Karma; most Elites are psychopathic (soulless). If Psychopathy is not a Karmic consequence, nothing is.


The GOD on the back of the dollar is clear to see, if you have eyes that are not blinded by greed. On the left we have the All Seeing Eye which is a symbol for the Sun God of many names, cultures, and languages. As the BAR likes the Latin language for disguising the truth, allow me to use those names. Apollo is the Sun God of ancient Rome. The depiction on the back of the Dollar is like a quarter, with two sides; fold the Dollar in half. One side for day, and the other side for night; so the opposite side of the back of the Dollar has the symbol for the God of the night. Lucifer is depicted with a Phoenix or Eagle. Just look at the Federal Reserve Building(see the Eagle?). However these two “GODS” are not separate the way we assume. They are two personalities of the same GOD. Apollo is charismatic by day; healing the sick with vitamin D. Lucifer is criminal by night; committing mayhem with deception and murder. This is why I tell people that the story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is an allegory for Sun Worship. The Bankers worship and TRUST a Psychopath.

Yahshua (Jesus) was a Rabbi (Teacher) spreading love, peace, and freedom. He taught “The Way of Wisdom in Action” (Tao Te Ching), not Christianity (Ancient Roman Sun Worship), not the Authorized King James Bible mixed with a few words from Jesus (Red Letters). The word “Tao” translates to (Way, Path or Route), Yahshua taught The Way. The Tao Te Ching is a book of 82 Parables, and if you can decipher them, you will know the Truth, and the Truth will set you free to live the Life the Father wants you to have. When you have the Way, the Truth, and the Life, you will know that Yahshua is the Messiah (Deliverer) from deception, fraud, and corruption.

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Peace, love, and blessings,