I am proud to be Dutch.

— Then consider the following: The Netherlands has an almost 80% share in child/human trafficking and abuse worldwide! Beatrix was the leader (Executed 2020), all Royals worldwide were part of it (All Executed 2020) — John de Mol is also a leader. — Actually the elite of every sector. — Police, army, judiciary, politics, pharmacy, science, multinationals, media you name it. — That’s why you don’t get anywhere. — They completely cover each other. — All of them have been tempted with illegal practices and now they are blackmailable. — That is how it works! There is literally an ‘underworld’ under the Netherlands, of tunnels and Dumbs. — The Netherlands is evil to the bone. — Sodom and Gomorrah are nothing. — It’s gonna get worse. — The Netherlands does not officially exist as a country. — The Netherlands is a province of Germany — The Nazis never left — The dutch national anthem starts with: I am of german blood (Nazis) . Yes, they are, but not the people— https://t.me/QSPARTANWARRIQRS