How to control the public everywhere

How to control the public everywhere by coordination & a powerful media telling u lies so you’ll obey the wolves in sheep’s clothing.

The reason the public are so upset is because the rulers know how to upset u, but it’s for a reason.

You have an immune system in your body that gets weakened when your life & mind are disturbed.

This is a project by world rulers who want to achieve an outcome, which is to depopulate humanity by 90% using bio weapons called vaccines but are poison. Plus psychological warfare to stress u out & a taking away of your rights & Freedoms is their ploy & active plan since March 2020 & pushed till 2030 when they hope most of humanity will b dead & gone.

You are a Sovereign human being on God’s earth & your not to b infringed upon in those rights or Freedoms by any power structures or corrupt governments who are following the orders of demonic people who hate u & love lying to u everyday to make a fool of u.

Ireland arrise & unite as one people under God. Get good leadership?!