Affects of Isolation Are Part Of The Illusion

By Ann Dromeda            November 9, 2018
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I’m one of a multitude of Lightworkers, journaling a portion of my current status. These are thoughts and observation from one isolated semi-retired Lightworker/Starseed.
Be reassured, I won’t be presenting evidence contrary to the profound and true statement in the photo above. No. Although feeling compelled to evaluate another 3rd dimensional paradox: “a statement that is seemingly contradictory or opposed to common sense and yet is perhaps true.” – Merriam-Webster
If nothing exists in isolation, then isolation is NOT part of our true reality outside the 3rd dimension. And, I’ve been wondering, what then is the ultimate value and purpose then, of a prolonged and challenging experience being in isolation?
This extends far below the surface, that isolation of anyone (or anything), doesn’t really exist. Therefore the word “isolation” has to be another one of those constructs describing many challenges we experience incarnated in 3D/duality.
So, while I accept we are all One (or in Synarchy, as defined in the enclosed article below), yet, for some time I’ve been isolated and regularly sense the discomforts of separation – questioning self-worth, boredom, monotony, and the periodic loneliness that comes with it (naturally, there are positives too – mentioned below). And oddly enough, this is incongruous, between the actual result of this sequence of events and what one would consider the normal, or the expected result for being in Oneness (irony).
Additionally, the irony expands in my case, having this undesirable and prolonged experience of isolation as a direct result of being on a path of enlightenment, while achieving a greater appreciation of Oneness. And so in turn, this path has repeatedly separated me from many people, including old friends and family, even Lightworkers, and potentially all those that choose not to see anything but the 3D illusion; it’s an unavoidable result creating incompatibility. The greater extent of these results was confirmed fairly recently through channeling of an ascended master, when I asked about the potential for romantic connections in various geographic locations. This was part of the response at that time – “you’re also incompatible with every person of the opposite sex on entire the East Coast.” That’s where I was born and raised, now residing in the Southwest where a spiritual path began 10 years ago.
As Lightworkers then, we can be (choosing to be) restricted by limited choices that we could have made to minimize and/or avoid isolation entirely. My marriage ended eight years before the “awakening” began (10 years ago) and the new mantra was, “Get a life.” It never happened, and then a “crossroads,” and a choice was made to stay in an area fostering spiritual expansion. The other choice location would have increased my chances for “a life,” with more opportunities for a career path, increased income/financial security, real vacations, and more than likely, new friends, and an intimate relationship.
I’m not so different from most people, both before and after acknowledging I am a Lightworker, experiencing different forms of, and different reasons for isolation, and to varying degrees at different periods, all throughout this life.
Profound statements and deeper insights such as this one regarding isolation as an illusion, have been a regular occurrence since embarking upon a path of spiritual enlightenment (there is a list of these to follow). Most basically, it’s an intentional drive to become more aware of self, and everything outside of self, as it appears in 3D anyway. Being “conscious” or “awake” are the current metaphors for spiritual enlightenment, though usually applied after the fact, describing a gradual and ongoing removal of the veil of forgetfulness. I imagine something like a dense fog lifting for more clarity.
But this truth about isolation’s true non-existence happens to hit home, and particularly now as the prolonged 3D experience is intensifying. In part this is due to the ongoing delays of our true freedom, which we’re told will begin after the lingering stranglehold of the dark is completely neutralized.
So I began pondering the value and/or purpose of being “awakened” (enlightened) in this way, and at this particular time, lingering in the 3D (including isolation), yet experiencing an “awakening” or becoming “conscious.” We could liken spiritual “awakening” to, awakening from a literal night’s sleep, and then you feel this strong tendency to dose off again, and do so.
And, continuing the metaphor of being “awakened” and falling back to sleep, which again means, when we are spiritually “awakened” yet, still living a 3D existence and feeling/dealing with all the challenging, and often disturbing things that come with the experience. It being like a literal bad dream after one literally falls back to sleep again. Yet, for all the other time of the day, being so “awakened,” and literally awake, we become aware of many new things that are mentioned on a regular basis from various sources of choice, indicating in a variety of ways, that we are really not “asleep” but “awakened.” But I repeat, while “awakened” we are experiencing the same old challenges that we did when we were “unconscious” or “asleep,” spiritually speaking. And, in spite of a new outlook with insight, the challenges of the illusion are persistent, and don’t go away as fast as we would like.
I’m aware of the main purpose of being so timely “awakened” as a Lightworker during the transition to ascension. I am active, as one who sends Love & Light/ St. Germain’s Violet Flame to selected trouble spots around the world. I’m assisting to raise the vibration of planet Earth and it’s ascending inhabitants, leading to the Golden Age and ultimately ascension. Lightworkers are “boots on the ground.” This is a given.
It’s fitting here to mention a number of positives (likely there are more) being isolated, which I have come to appreciate to be a process of “fine tuning” the spiritual path. And isolation also enhances what I hear/and personally sense taking place in recent years for all ascension candidates – the life review. This review normally takes place after death, though we’re going through it now. Because, those who ascend will not have to die to move to a higher dimension(s).
Other positives when isolated – there is ample time to meditate, read, research, physical activity, creative works, and writing that includes journaling the past and present; there is freedom and a significant lack of distractions. But the most obvious and ever present benefit of minimal, to no interactions with another person(s), is a persistent and unavoidable “mirror” of/into self. Fostering the life review and more, as the “mirroring” of self provides a thorough clear vision/insight, and it’s automatic, 24/7, with no “shut off” switch. Thereby regularly reviewing, re-examining, evaluating self, both past and present.
But, In spite of these positives, I’d like to think I could incorporate these same spiritually practical advantages within a more balanced life. That’s when we have regular contact with friendly, loving, and enlightened individuals, and by maintaining regular alone time. This I look forward to!
As a challenged Lightworker, I’m trying to come to grips with the ongoing challenges of being “awakened” through enlightenment, while there is yet no reality to fully support the “awakened” state of mind (and we should include the new expansive state, for the all important figurative loving heart too.). This “coming to grips” with the situation, has included a desire for more understanding of many new terms and concepts we have learned through the “awakening.” These terms apply to a higher dimensional REALITY and/or density, initially the 5th, I suppose. Yet, while we still have (acknowledging I cannot speak for everyone), many pressing personal issues and problems, and the stubborn shenanigans of the dark, with increasing polarization in 3D.
And isn’t it true, in the case of those that are so called “awakened,” those anticipating a glorious freedom that has been delayed, time and time again, in some ways has only increased the yearning for that most desirable freedom. It appears to me the delay of the glorious “prize” could cause more susceptibility to whining and losing patience dealing with the lingering 3D challenges. Because before “awakening,” while in an “unconscious” state, we didn’t really know we needed to be freed to the degree, and to the depth of our prolonged and insidious enslavement. We really didn’t foresee, nor could we imagine a Golden Age of Gaia becoming like “Christmas” (or whatever holiday you enjoy most), that is going to be a Christmas of all Christmases; something way beyond our imagination of bliss. We were in ignorance, which can be blissful (but for a limited time).
In the process of “awakening” I thought back to the time of my early youth when I believed in Santa Claus, and how deeply upset I felt in the moment, affecting me all the time afterwards altering my world. That is, after my older brother “dropped the bomb” telling me Santa Claus isn’t real. Although, at a point in the midst of my “awakening,” I have since declared within myself, “Santa Claus” is back!”
Have you gotten a glimpse of how many people are going about their lives without any clue as to what is happening behind the scenes, both on and off planet? I get this strong impression whenever I tune into a broadcast of a sporting event within a huge stadium, especially a World Cup soccer game. I see thousands upon thousands of people who are truly frantically fanatic, even at times to the point of brawling. And all about what? People kicking a ball? It appears they’re completely oblivious to what is coming, something that is so much more meaningful and desirable (and yeah! worth “fighting” for) – the transformation of our communities, our world, our planet and everyone in it.
The uplifting truth about Oneness or the non-existence of isolation for anyone, was preceded by my limited understanding and application of this word “isolation.” It was a given, being symptomatic of our 3D life experiences. This is similar to many other words that have been created, and are still in use by necessity, whether “awakened” or not, terms used to navigate living within a 3D illusion. Such as death, heartache, pain, separateness/abandonment, violence, coincidences, déjà vu, hatred, evil, and the list goes on. And too, the pervasive mindset of divisions or divisiveness present in so many arenas, and aspects of our lives, repeatedly reinforcing the idea that we are not in Oneness. Those challenges can actually generate a desire in people for isolation and/or being a hermit (“A rock feels no pain, and an island never cries…” – Simon & Garfunkel). This divisive tendency occurs with varying intensities whenever we interact with those who are “unconscious;” but unfortunately, even on occasion when relating to those who consider themselves spiritually enlightened/”conscious” beings. A recent channeled message revealed all types of polarization taking place. Soon after, this was backed up by a personal experience being manipulated and hastily ostracized from a channeling group. This verified the not so permanent form of polarization taking place within the “service to others” groups. You can imagine how this would enhance the isolation experience, and the irony of it all, continuing ever since that separation from fellow Lightworkers.
I heard Lynne McTaggart interviewing Gregg Braden on You Tube (Designed To Heal 10-30-18) and she mentioned those unfortunate in our society, those who are stigmatized or ostracized and have no sense of belonging. This is essential because science has proven a definite correlation between our physical health and having human connections. This is another downside for prolonged isolation, and this could explain why I have been sick more frequently in the last year, than in the previous 15 years. It has been said, “Life is people.”
As mentioned, I’m familiar with Oneness, embracing the concept at each and every occasion where I gain more insight, yet, I still feel terribly isolated, and for years now. And, I need not describe all the details of the isolation, or what is being done to balance it out as a “remedy,” thereby creating what I see as a necessary “bridge” to the next glorious phase of life. The situation is, that things are being done now for a “remedy,” telling me it FEELS very REAL; although it is an illusion.
Let me add this too, about employing the “remedies” for isolation, which could also be compared to reaching for a “lifeline/lifesaver.” In all honesty, there are moments when the spiritual pursuits, or “lifeline”/”remedies” for isolation (listed above as the positives for isolation) are avoided. This happens, in spite of having more free time available. Why? I’m still checking within and observing myself for the specific cause(s). To date it appears to be the result of seeking, with some desperation for a diversion to what is becoming all to repetitive/monotonous; a rash form of seeking balance for a life out of balance, simply by mixing it up and creating a variety of events. It soon becomes apparent it’s a pseudo form of balance. Eventually, feeling a loss of joy, acknowledging within myself – that’s not the real me either. I “grab onto the lifeline” again for a “remedy.” This has been a repetitive, but irregular cycle.
For the sake of a reviewing the highlights, I formulated a list of other concepts and terms I’ve heard throughout the years seeking enlightenment. They’re all in conflict with duality and oblivious to those who are so-called “unconscious” living in the 3rd dimension. These are more descriptive of, or described from a higher dimensional perspective, or from our TRUE REALITY. Therefore, these are NOT IN CONFLICT with our TRUE REALITY.
In no particular order, and not intended to be an all inclusive list:
There are no such things as coincidences.
Déjà vu can be explained.
I am/my soul is immortal.
Before incarnating we create and agree to a life plan/there are no accidents.
I have lived thousands of lives as an incarnated being; not all on earth.
I have had as many as 5 incarnations at one time, and I believe 7 or 9 is the max. Aside from me, currently there’s one other aspect of my soul-self living on earth.
Earthly heredity/lineage has no significance to the soul, we do though incarnate repeatedly within soul groups or soul “families.”
All souls were created by Prime Source at the same time.
A soul has no gender/androgynous (a more challenging separation for duality).
A soul cannot die, but its energy can be “recycled” if one persists to resist Light.
We have other bodies beyond the physical: astral/celestial, etheric, causal, crystaline, metaphysical, and a lightbody.
System of 13 chakras, auric field, meridians, and our “blueprint” or “snowflake” uniqueness, all part of our lightbody.
A third eye (not like the alien working the diner in a Twilight Zone episode.)
3D is an illusion.
3D is a game we choose to play.
3D is a school for a soul’s advancement.
We are all One / Nothing exists in isolation.
Everything is consciousness.
Around the earth – a collective consciousness of humans, called the noosphere.
We can control matter and energy with our mind/thoughts, but mostly our heart.
There is Prime Source, and 12 other Sources, or Gods, delegated for 12 universes.
Source is expanding by the experiences of incarnated beings, because we are One.
Jeshua and Buddha, for example, did not come to earth to jump start a religion.
Everything is happening all at once.
We have a large (humongous actually) and diverse Space Family that loves us.
Time does not exist (another construct for 3D).
Evil does not exist (proof is available).
We are all butterflies. Earth is our chrysalis.” – LeeAnn Taylor
From the Gene Keys Living Library
Gene Key 44 Synarchy / Teamwork / Interferance / Karmic Relationships
“This time we’re in now, this transitionary era, this Great Change, is a breakthrough at every level within the universe. The sun is involved, the galaxy is involved, and the entire cosmos is involved. Awareness is opening up within the living chain of being throughout the universe. The hierarchy is becoming aware of itself at another level, and as it does so, its behaviour will shift.
This is what is meant by this wonderful word ‘Synarchy’. Synarchy means that we all lead together. It doesn’t mean that we’re all the same at all. It means that our uniqueness has a place within the orchestra, and instead of just playing a nice tune and being oblivious to all those around us, we begin to play in harmony with everyone else.
When we get to Synarchy, it’s a whole other level. We realise that our section is playing in concert with a whole other universe of sections, and they’re all coming into Symphony. We become aware for the first time of the conductor, and the conductor is inside every single individual part. This is the great revelation of the fractal universe. Inside every single molecule of our DNA is a conductor, the conductor who’s waiting for us to follow their lead.”
–The 44th Way, the Siddhi of Synarchy / Nothing Exists in Isolation
Gene Keys Publishing Ltd, Lytchett House, 13 Freeland Park
Wareham Road, Lytchett Matravers, Poole, BH16 6FA, UK