Aankondiging republiek van Amerika.




Best I can transcribe…

My daughter and I are on the boardwalk watching the ocean and the sunset, and a lot of people out here walking and doing the fitness thing. Just got a report, from Mexico, that the United States on radio and television is now the New Republic. Also, out of Holland, they admit the same thing in Holland, on radio, television and TV, that the United States is now The Republic. The U.S. Navy today was ordered to stop all import/export shipping until the RV is complete. The motu proprio from the Pope also says that before September 1st, if we do not have an RV then there will be a mass arrest of anyone who has tried to stop the super sneak-up, the forgiveness of debt. So what we’re seeing here now, is history being made, and uh, you folks, you did it. You made it all the way to the end, now let’s get exchanged, folks. Gary, go ahead and complete, and finish praying in this RV. We Are There. —-

Vinewheeler wrote 8m ago

My son is so excited with news scrolling across his tv screen that the US is now Republic, he is a currency holder. He lives in Ceyala jpeace wrote 7m ago Vinewheeler so your son lives in Mexico and he is telling you that this news is scrolling across his tv is this correct?!!! Vinewheeler wrote 5m ago jpeace, yes, he is very excited It was scrolling across his screen when he turned his tv on just a few minutes ago. He just came in from work . Heard at work at the Honda plant but wanted to see it for himself Fisher wrote 2m ago Thanks, vine, for the sons confirmation, it took a lot of gold to bribe Mexico —-

Fisher wrote;

2m ago Vinewheelers son confirmed the Mexican news release .