3D Matrix Veil Reset, Collective Mental Projections, 3 6 9 System, False Ascension Matrix


Streamed live on Oct 22, 2018

THANK YOU FOR ALL THE LOVE… and love & healing you guys have sent my Mom

AI interference, bots and just haters lol will pick up for anyone sharing information… so if you feel that you’re meant to share information or guidance or your experiences, you have to rise above all of that…there’s a reason within them that they are triggered, usually unconscious or division/seperate 3D consciousness, envy programming

Strong waves/transmissions coming in for those that are able to hold this light so you may be experiencing an over-stimulation of the third eye which really is whats shifting your paradigm and creating a new projection into your reality, like a new earth projection. Headaches, vertigo, dizziness are really common during intergration and recieving downloads of information… when you’re tuning into higher frequencies the body has to adjust to be able to experience that so the physical body is going through a lot of these adjustments and changes to be able to resonate at this new vibration that you’re tuning into unconsciousness you’re basically receiving information to upgrade your body to be able to have a new experience in a higher vibration & consciousness. This is all individuals so everyone will be experiencing this shift based off of their own individual experience. But many are receiving transmissions in groups, in are having similar activations and downloads of information.

The Vatican being removed will change all systems… its really about what people are choosing to experience when it comes to timelines and paradigms.

I will be doing a live group meditation wednesday night at 9pm EST USA and using the number codes, light and visuals to connect with the diff hemispheres of the brain for anyone interested…
The best way to connect to your higher mind is through the imagination and meditation, even if you feel blocked and disconnected.

Collective may experience a physical manifestation of blackouts but if so its not a bad thing. Changes in weather will pick up… Gaia is shifting from the inside/below.

I feel that the changes with the Moon ship is altering the charges on the surface & the emissions that were receiving as the Moon/satellite is moving through the highly charged vortex connected to the Stargate and the core of the planet during its 28-day lunar cycle.

There’s a massive increase in Transmissions that we’re receiving you can think of these as energy waves… it’s all dependent on Consciousness, vibration, timeline, etc.. on how you experience these

I was also seeing how the implant the entities astrally in the mk-ultra program in children and Stars, clones, organic portals, etc… I’ll probably make a separate video on that but its disturbing

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