1776 Shall Commence Again

The United States of America is no different than Canada or any other Country when it comes to Free Speech. It’s how Big Tech and Governments collude to prevent basic Knowledge of how effective Hydroxychloroquine is against COVID-19.

The entire system is designed to encase you in restrictions, from street parking signs to building property codes, there are numerous restrictions in place, that don’t need to exist – but why?

We The People know why, the systems in place are NOT for YOU – they were for THEM. From Crooked Politicians to Government Officials enacting Draconian laws of Medical Tyranny. Creating laws and regulations to follow, at the same time keeping themselves exempt from them.

Look around you, every road and intersection is under constant surveillance and control. The reason is the Government is keeping you safe…

1776 Shall Commence Again

John F Kennedy Jr.
19th Vice President

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