Top people of this horrendous child satanic ritual cult as they call her the Queen Priestess is Oprah Winfrey followed by Ladyboy Gaga, Katy Perry, Christy Tiegen, Laura Prepon and the top men…get ready for the shock wave…

Robert Deniro, Kevin Spacey, Will Ferrell, Johnny Depp, Seth Green and 90% of Hollywood and the music industry. Michael Jackson was going to expose them at his upcoming concert called “This Is It “ and when he was talking about the concert tour he said “The Best Is Yet To Come”. we all know who’s favorite quote that is!!

So they framed him for child molestation and made several assassination attempts on his life. He had no choice but to fake his death. Then there were 2 best friends who were going to do the same thing and both had apparent suicides Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell. I believe they are now in witness protection. This goes so deep and up there with Oprah is Killary Clinton. Research Frazzledrip! 🇺🇸